High Powered Wrongful Death Law Firm Takes On Case of Bodies Found In Suitcases

Reputable, nationally recognized attorneys in personal injury and wrongful death matters take on another leading case.

The Ledger Law Firm, staffed with leading wrongful death lawyers, has taken on the case of the bodies which were found in the suitcases that washed ashore in West Seattle on June 19, 2020.  Attorney David Mann, head of Washington litigation, is fighting for the family of the victims and vows to bring them justice.

High-profile Attorney Ledger takes on another leading case. Ledger began practicing in 1998, and since has been retained in some of the highest profile cases wherein individuals have been seriously injured or killed in planes, trains and automobiles.

“Rarely is the news headlined with such gruesome facts” stated Attorney Emery Brett Ledger, founder of The Ledger Law Firm. “I thought I had seen it all after twenty-two years of practicing law, but the death of this young couple shocks the conscience.”

The Firm is composed of nationally recognized attorneys with offices in California, Washington and Texas. “We are more than just attorneys. We are your advocates and counselors” the spokesperson of the Firm said. “Our mission is to help people heal their lives” she added.

A case of this significance will end up both in criminal and civil court. The criminal matter will be handled by the county prosecutor while the civil matter will be handled by The Ledger Law Firm.

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