High Point NC Single Visit Dental Crown/Fractured Teeth Treatment Launched

Fielden Family Dentistry (+1-336-889-2434) announces new updates to its single visit crown solutions, offering dental patients in High Point, North Carolina, a more convenient way to restore their smile without multiple dentist appointments and need to wear temporary crowns.

One visit crown is a revolutionary dental innovation that now makes it possible for patients to walk into their dentist’s office and walk out with a completely restored tooth. The latest update includes a series of proven procedures to rehabilitate the affected teeth, ensuring patients can get back to their daily life as quickly as possible.

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Whether the patient is looking to fix a fractured tooth, hide dental implants, strengthen weak teeth, or replace discolored teeth, the updated service offers flexible solutions that can be tailored to the patient’s individual needs.

Unlike traditional dental crowns that require two to three dentist visits over several weeks to place, a one-visit crown can be designed, prepared, and placed the same day—most times within hours.

During the initial consultation, the dentists at Fielden Family Dentistry will examine the patient’s teeth and gums to determine whether dental crowns are the right treatment option for the patient.

Based on the insights gained during this evaluation stage, the dentist will take the patient’s tooth impression using their digital imaging tools to begin the process. These images are fed into the CAD/CAM system to generate a digital model of the tooth. The machine will mill a custom tooth out of ceramic, based on the patient’s tooth impression.

The ceramic materials used in the procedure are of the same quality and durability as lab-milled crowns—and can withstand the daily wear and tear like the patient’s natural teeth.

Besides the above features, the CEREC crowns offered by Fielden Family Dentistry are natural-looking and don’t have metal cores – and can be colored to resemble the surrounding natural teeth.

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As a family dental practice, the clinicians strive to make patients comfortable during their visits. The team comprises experienced, compassionate professionals ready to go above and beyond to ensure patient satisfaction.

A company spokesperson said: “At our clinic, we use CEREC crowns which are more efficient and technologically advanced than traditional dental crowns. They fit better, last longer, and are quick to install.”

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