High Performance Coach Roger Lannoy Reveals Case Studies On New YouTube Channel

LIVE WITH PASSION SA launches an additional YouTube Channel to cover coaching for performance case studies by high performance coach Roger Lannoy.

LIVE WITH PASSION SA has announced the all-new YouTube Channel by Roger Lannoy. Its mission is to share coaching for performance case studies.

Life Coach says his clients’ results speak for themselves. To share them, international life coach, speaker, and author Roger Lannoy announces the launch of his new YouTube Channel to highlight the transformation he’s helped make in the lives of his clients.This new YouTube Channel was created specifically with the needs of entrepreneurs in mind and focuses on sharing coaching for performance case studies. Roger Lannoy’s coaching program ‘Les Clés De L’Abondance’ has helped more than 224,000 people across the francophone world and his new channel now showcases some of their stories.

Roger Lannoy, CEO of Live With Passion SA reports: “My clients’ results speak for themselves”, CEO / Owner / Founder at LIVE WITH PASSION SA said: “Let me give you the keys that enable you to transform in the best version of yourself with a long lasting effect.” – says Roger Lannoy who outlines the mission of this new YouTube Channel so that from now on anybody can grasp the full scope and magnitude of those keys even better. He continues, quote: “If you ever wanted to take your business or career to the next level, become a more effective leader and an unstoppable entrepreneur then look no further.” unquote.

High Performance Coach Roger Lannoy is one of the most sought after international coaches and speakers. He has helped hundreds of thousands of people overcome obstacles and live out their dreams. Lannoy has spent more than 20 years coaching and motivating people all over the world. He’s seen first-hand the amazing changes his students have been able to make.

LIVE WITH PASSION SA’s CEO / Owner / Founder goes on to say: “The aim of the new YouTube Channel is to showcase coachees’ breakthroughs, transformations and remarkable successes to future students who consider enrolling in the coaching program ‘Les Clés De L’Abondance’.”, says Roger Lannoy.

The case studies aim to highlight what is possible through Lannoy’s results coaching program. Some of the upcoming case studies include:

How to improve communication skills, how to have a healthy relationship, how to improve your business skills, how to increase sales, how to eliminate negative thoughts, how to overcome fear of change, how to develop a winner’s mindset, how to be an ethical leader, how to find self fulfillment, to how to create passion in a relationship, how to eliminate debt quickly, how to plan your day for success, how to eliminate limiting beliefs, how to climb the career ladder, how to renegotiate your salary and more.

Coach Roger Lannoy has helped hundreds of thousands of people. His first YouTube Channel – Roger Lannoy YouTube – has over 135,000 subscribers and more than 10 million views. As a life coach, he helps people achieve their dreams. His latest YouTube Channel offers evidence directly from his clients, who use his online coaching program ‘Les Clés De L’Abondance’ to dramatically change their lives.

Peak performance coaching typically attracts most of Roger Lannoy’s customers who have taken advantage of ‘Les Clés De L’Abondance’. It is what makes the needle move no matter where and what, be it in business or sports or other areas of life. “The way their lives have been transformed is my greatest accomplishment and I launched this YouTube Channel to make sure their stories are told,” Lannoy said. “For people who are unsure if this program can really make a difference, shall these stories and testimonials serve as powerful evidence that it can.” says Roger Lannoy.

Since the new YouTube Channel launch 27.05.21, new viewers are invited to watch coaching for performance case studies and to subscribe to the new YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVuGA9LX5Kgre-_yDOxQttg

Further information on LIVE WITH PASSION SA can be found on: https://lesclesdelabondance.net

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