High End Luxury Bedding 2021 – MayfairSilk Global Excellence Award Announced

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MayfairSilk announced it has just won the Global Excellence Award for the best silk bedding company of 2021 by LUXlife, the publication covering the luxury lifestyle industry.

The company’s most recent award recognises its use of grade 6A mulberry silk and each product’s hand-cut artisanal quality. Commercial silk is graded alphanumerically, with 6A representing the highest quality possible for any specific type of silk.

More information about the company can be seen at https://www.mayfairsilk.com

The award presented to MayfairSilk also highlights its dedication to the natural health benefits of silk, as every thread has been tested for harmful substances in order to make all products OEKO-TEX standard 100 compliant. The company ships worldwide from its headquarters in the UK.

The luxury bedding market is estimated to be worth approximately $2.5 billion globally, with Europe and the US being the two leading regional markets. One factor driving this market is heightened interest in the health benefits of restful sleep. Additionally, pandemic lockdowns have spurred the work-from-home trend, leading consumers to prioritise domestic comforts, including home bedding.

MayfairSilk offers pillowcases, sheets, duvets, and accessories such as cushions, sleep masks, and face coverings, all made from 100% natural, odourless, and hypoallergenic mulberry silk. All products are either 23 or 25 momme depending on the item. The momme count measures the density of the silk; common silk typically ranges from 12 to 19.

While cotton, for example, absorbs 27 times its weight in water, making it ideal for bath towels, MayfairSilk absorbs less than 0.3 times its weight in water. Over time, sleeping on cotton can lead to premature ageing and brittle, frizzy hair. The moisture trapped by the cotton also creates an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites. By retaining moisture, MayfairSilk helps keep the skin radiant and adds lustre to an individual’s hair.

The company was established in London by Marcus and Darshana Ubl to promote both the health benefits and the luxurious comforts of silk bedding. The material’s natural thermal qualities ensure uninterrupted temperature regulation during sleep while helping the individual to maintain a youthful-looking appearance. The company is known for its hand-crafted designs and the unique soft-touch matt finish of all of its products.

One reviewer commented simply: “My best purchase of the year—helps me sleep sound throughout the night.”

Interested parties can visit the website at https://www.mayfairsilk.com

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