High-End Designer Marvin Nonis Launches Luxury Fashion Magazine

Marvin Nonis releases the second issue of his luxury fashion magazine. Filled with his expertise on every detail of fine fashion and his passion for luxurious fabric.

Featuring his experiences at two VIP events at the prestigious London Fashion Week, leading-edge designer Marvin Nonis has launched his new creation, Marvin Nonis Luxury Fashion Magazine. Through this new venture, Nonis looks to give lovers of luxury fashion an inside look at the dazzling world of haute couture.

Filled with his expertise on every detail of fine fashion and his passion for luxurious fabric, this magazine will feature both Nonis’ own designs, as well as the best of the best of other designers’ work in later issues. What distinguishes his magazine from all the others on the rack are his expert insights about how it feels to be on the other side of the catwalk.

Other exclusive features include details about how he transforms ordinary people into cover models – his signature strategy. An invitation to try out to become a Nonis model features prominently in his premiere and successive editions. Prospective models, Nonis said, will “receive specialised runway training, so no experience is necessary.”

With its stunning cover, featuring one of Nonis’ own designs, a beautifully embroidered blue evening gown, this magazine looks to burst on the world fashion scene as a key player in the industry press. Throughout the premiere and successive editions, sleek evening gowns blend with flirty cocktail dresses, casual outfits, and outerwear – one of which channels Jackie Kennedy’s iconic coat dress in all its 60s glory as shown in the premier edition of the magazine.

The one ingredient that unites all the featured designs is glamour. Nonis’ trademark style features clean, flowing lines paired with only the finest fabrics. Inspired by classical music, as a recent House of Coco article pointed out, Nonis can take a bolt of fine silk, cashmere, cotton, or wool and turn it into a masterpiece.

His work does the same for all his customers. His magazine echoes this transformative fashion philosophy. Fashion fans can follow the latest magazine at https://issuu.com/marvinnonisuk/docs/mn_magazine_issue_2_final/s/10616146

Marvin Nonis (https://www.marvinnonis.co.uk/) is a world-renowned designer whose mission is to transform his customers from the “ordinary to the extraordinary.” To that end, he launched the Marvin Nonis Fashion Magazine, a showcase that gives its subscribers an inside look at the world of high fashion as only a top designer could. With his impeccable credentials and love of fine fabrics, Nonis takes subscribers behind the scenes of the fashion world’s most prestigious events.

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