High Ceiling Wall Art Gallery Risks Defying Convention With Personalization

AnthonyDJones Gallery of Fine Wall Art defies convention in the Light Sculpture and abstract and expressionistic photography market with the release of its new Personalized Large or High Ceiling Wall Art service. Further information can be found at https://AnthonyDJones.com

Earlier today, The AnthonyDJones Gallery of Fine Wall Art finally announced the beginning of its new large and high ceiling wall art service, which has been in development since January 2018. The main aim is to artfully fill large wall spaces with dramatic and brilliant Light Sculptures and Light Ray Photographs and also allow customers to view how the piece will appear on the wall prior to purchasing.

Anthony Dallmann-Jones and Zak Jones, father and son artists, who co-founded and co-own AnthonyDJones Gallery of Fine Wall Art said they wanted to try something new with this large and/or high ceiling wall art service. Anyone familiar with the photography market will probably have noticed how everyone else seems to sell unlimited quantities of familiar prints of poor quality and, certainly, not tailored to client needs and desires. This is a problem because wall spaces are filled with run of the mill Pier One kind of repetitive art and it doesn’t WOW people or their guests and customers.

So, as a welcome breath of fresh air, AnthonyDJones Gallery of Fine Wall Art offers one of a kind Light Sculptures and original limited edition HD photos not available anywhere else, plus, they offer a personalization service for clients’ specific wall art needs. They chose to make this move because they “…love to amaze and astound people when they first see our works.” The Light Sculptures are one of a kind, tailored to the clients’ needs, and the HD photographs are created by either Zak or Anthony, and “…are limited editions sold only by us.”

Anthony Dallmann-Jones stated that they want their art to WOW the owner and anyone visiting their homes or offices. With the new large and high ceiling wall art service, they offer a fresh new opportunity to create such an atmosphere. They want their customers to feel excited, and in awe with the whole experience from viewing the works to the personalized service, to what happens when the work is completed in client homes, lobbies, or offices. They know that trying something new is always a risk, but, according to Zak, “encouraging the arts is always a risk worth taking,”

Zak Jones, a well-established artist, began drawing almost 40 years ago. His father, Anthony, would pay him .25 for every good drawing he created at the age of six. Zak admits that at first he attempted to rapidly crank out drawings to make more money, but Anthony turned him down on poor quality drawings, saying he would only pay for excellent drawings. Zak began drawing Beetle Bailey and Haggar comic strip characters. Anthony says he still has them in a folder after all these years.

Anthony and Zak started painting 25 years ago, and together started an art co-op, owned a fantasy card shop, and then made the big move, co-owning a gallery three doors from the capitol building on State Street in Madison, Wisconsin until they sold the business in 2009. Anthony’s initial success with the Light Sculpture installations was because he could experiment after gallery hours and, then, field-test things out on people in the gallery. He began doing Light Sculptures in 2004, and Light Ray Photography in 2011. Zak began offering High Definition photography of his unique, thick ‘creamy dreamy’ abstract paintings just last year after three years of experimentation with paints and camera lenses. From both of their Day 1s, Zak and Anthony claim to be aimed together at a singular goal: “To create amazing art work that takes peoples’ breath away (temporarily).”

The new large and/or high ceiling wall art offerings are set to launch December 1, 2018. To discover more about their personalization services and view over 80 original dramatic photographs by both artists, along with pictures of six installed Light Sculptures by Anthony, visit AnthonyDJones Gallery of Fine Wall Art at https://AnthonyDJones.com

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