Hertfordshire Hair Loss Specialists Launch Online Store

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A hair salon in Hertfordshire specialising in treatment for individuals with hair loss has set up a new store on their website. The business aims to provide even greater value to their customers.

Hair to Ware is pleased to announce the launch of their brand new store. The fresh online store provides everything that clients need to keep their wigs in great condition with products for both aftercare and accessories. The company is confident that the store will help them provide even greater value to their clients.

The store currently has two categories for customers to choose from and explore. Wig Aftercare Products provide everything a customer could need to keep their wig looking fantastic. Full packs are available to ensure that customers can get everything they require with one purchase. Alternatively, products can be purchased separately. According to Hair To Ware, with the right products, customers will be able to keep their wigs looking fantastic and maximise the natural life. From shampoos to conditioners and sprays, wig wearers can find everything they need to keep their investment as good as new.

The shop also has a category for Wig Accessories. Here, customers will be able to find more items to keep their wig picture perfect and well maintained including travel packs, brushes, wig caps, stands and wig tape. Hare To Ware believes it is vital that customers can stock up on the products that they need from storage requirements to complete care options.

Wigs can be expensive and Hare To Ware know this. That’s why they have focused many of their products on ensuring that users can avoid issues of wear and tear with their wigs. Natural hair products are particularly important and users must ensure that this type of wig is well maintained. Hare To Ware believe they stock the best options on the market for this requirement.

Hair to Ware Ltd is a Bespoke Hair Salon. Over the years, the company has provided its dedication to helping clients deal with levels of hair loss from moderate to severe. Beyond a typical hair salon, the business is focused on providing a full enhancement service to rectify and correct every type of hair loss. A family-run business, the owners know the value of delivering a great service to every client and have been operating on the market in Hertfordshire since 2001.

The business plans to maintain these concepts on their new ecommerce store, offering high-quality products at fantastic value for money. With various products to choose from, the business is confident that everyone suffering from hair loss will be able to find the items they need.

While the store currently has two categories, the business firmly believes it will be a hit with clients and are ready to expand the store, offering more options in the future. However, they will always put a strong focus on quality over quantity.

The store is now live and various products are available to order.

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