Herriman UT Water Damage Cleanup – Mold Prevention Expert Service Launched

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A professional disaster cleanup service company, serving clients across Northern Utah, has announced the launch of its water damage cleanup and mold prevention service.

Utah Disaster Specialists, a professional disaster cleanup service company, has announced the launch of its water damage cleanup service in Herriman, Utah.

More details can be found at https://www.utahdisasterspecialists.com/water-damage

The announcement will be of interest to residents and business owners in Herriman who have experienced water damage in their homes or business premises. The company also serves clients living in Layton, Lehi, Ogden, Park City, Provo, and Salt Lake City.

Water damage can happen at any time. Backed-up sewers, broken pipes, damaged water heaters, or blocked toilets are just a few examples of how water damage can occur in the home. When water damage happens, the company recommends that homeowners remain calm, try and shut off the water supply to prevent further damage, and call a local water damage cleanup service to restore the property to its pre-damage condition.

The Herriman disaster cleanup experts explain that water damage will continue to damage a property long after the water has gone if not cleaned up properly. It is highly difficult to completely dry out a property after it has been impacted by water damage without the correct equipment. In addition, any moisture left in the floors and walls after the water damaged has been cleaned up may continue to cause problems in the long term.

Moisture will often go unseen but may lead to further property damage and potentially impact the health of the householder and their family. This is especially true when moisture leads to mold in the property. Householders may have to replace flooring and parts of the walls in order to get rid of any mold that can be associated with large-scale water damage.

Mold caused by water damage can often go unseen until a wall is removed. The company has the experience and tools to find any hidden mold in a property.

Alongside Utah Disaster Specialists’ water damage cleanup services, the company also offers mold damage, sewage cleanup, fire damage, and other disaster cleanup services. A full overview of their services is available at https://www.utahdisasterspecialists.com

A spokesperson for Utah Disaster Specialists said, “The company recently helped a householder in Herriman Utah. A hose bib froze and broke, causing water damage in the basement of the home. The carpet and padding were wet and the baseboards had to be removed. Thankfully, there was no mold found. It really is a race against time. The sooner a homeowner calls a water damage specialist, the quicker the technicians can begin the remediation process and prevent further damage to the home.”

More information about Utah Disaster Specialists’ water damage cleanup service is available at https://www.utahdisasterspecialists.com/water-damage

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