Herb Tobacco Spice Grinder With Pollen Catcher Launched By Graceful Goods

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A new herb grinder has been launched by Graceful Goods, offering sharp diamond cutting teeth and scratch resistant finish. It can also grind spices and tobacco, offering high quality grinding for smokers as well as being useful for the kitchen.

Graceful Goods has announced the launch of a new herb grinding product on Amazon. The Small Spice Tobacco Herb Grinder has four pieces and comes with a pollen catcher, standing at 3.5 centimetres tall and made using premium grade aluminium, with a sleek black design. Graceful Goods explain underscore that they are excited and proud to bring such a high quality product to the market, offering it to the large customer base on Amazon.

More information can be found on the herb grinder page listing at: https://amazon.co.uk/dp/B01IF92J0Q.

The listing explains that the Graceful Goods herb grinder allows users to mill with precision, making use of the ultra high grade aluminium, which lends added durability and strength to the product and allows it to be used frequently without it dulling or breaking. It also has textured grooves on the top and bottom for slop free grip.

Benefitting from sharp diamond cutting teeth, the listing explains that the Small Spice Tobacco Herb Grinder has extreme efficiency and can grind herbs and spices effortlessly, in addition to medical weeds and dry herbs.

The product’s stainless mesh screen allows the user to filter out very fine pollen into the big catcher, and a pollen scraper is also included. The multi-faceted design allows it to be used for tobacco as well as kitchen herbs, helping users to finely grind products with ease and efficiency.

The listing goes on to emphasise that the black anodised finish is scratch resistant, which helps top prevent flaking, pealing and smudge marks. This allows users to take it with them wherever they go, without worrying about damaging the finish of the product.

A powerful magnetised lid offers users strong closure, which improves the freshness of the herbs and tobacco inside it and allows them to last longer. In addition to this, the Graceful Goods Small Spice Tobacco Herb Grinder comes with a powerful O-Ring for less friction and smooth grinding.

A full list of product features is available on the Graceful Goods page listing, where interested parties can also find recommendations and reviews from recent customers.

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