Herb Gardening Classes For Basil Thyme Chives Chamomile Growing & Care Announced

A free herb gardening mini-course with pro information, training and secrets on how to successfully grow and care for a healthy, flavorful and abundant herb garden, including basil, thyme, chives, lavender, chamomile, and more, delivered via daily newsletter, has been announced by Herbs Gardening.

The renowned Herbs Gardening website announced a free 10-part mini-course with an extensive range of information and training on how to successfully grow and care for a healthy, flavorful and abundant indoor or outdoor herb garden.

More information is available at http://herbs-gardening.net.

The Herbs Gardening is a popular website drawing on the extensive experience, research and knowledge of its founder, Janus Smith, on the best herbs and how to grow, design and care for herb gardens indoors and outdoors to provide aficionados with the secrets for successful herb gardening.

The website has announced a free mini-course with specialist information or training on herb gardening and how to successfully grow an herb garden with premier and fresh herbs like Basil, Chives, Thyme, Chamomile, Echinacea or Lavender, and more, for both home cooked meals or home grown brews of teas, infusions and/or pastes.

The Herbs Gardening free 10-part mini course, delivered on a one lesson per day sent via email, also provides step-by-step training or information on how to protect the herbs from the winter cold, how companion plants can help home grown herbs thrive in a garden or which type of light is the most effective for indoor herb garden growing along with how to transplant outdoor herbs safely, and more.

More information on the free Herbs Gardening 10-part mini course on how to grow a herb garden, the content provided in the lessons and details on how to sign up can be consulted on the website link provided above along with access to a highly popular herb gardening e-book entitled ‘Secrets of Successful Herb Gardening’ to help grow the most flavorful herbs in 7 days or less along with specialist advice and articles on herb garden kits, herb garden plants, and more.

The Herbs Gardening website owner, Janus Smith, explains that “I’ve been studying how to herb garden for some time and I’m now sharing the secrets of successful herb gardening through an amazing, one-of-a-kind and free mini-course that can help the average person grow the healthiest, most flavorful and abundant herb garden around and have their guests envy them by entertaining them with their own brew of home grown teas, infusions and pastes or home cooked meals”.

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