HEPA Filter Air Purifiers For Pathogen/Bacteria Removal Guide Launched

Think Air Purifiers has launched a new guide to the best devices for reducing bacteria and viruses in the air. It links to the most effective options for customers to buy, helping them make a more informed decision.

The newly released guide discusses some of the most effective purifiers for safeguarding the home or office, including the Airpura UV600 and the Airpura UV614. This is the company’s top-selling unit from 2020, and offers three levels of filtration.

More information can be found at https://thinkairpurifiers.com/pages/best-air-purifiers-for-bacteria-and-viruses

Think Air Purifiers explains that the aim of the guide is to present air purifiers in an unbiased way, with models that are proven to be effective for specific requirements.

The Airpura UV600 offers the complete removal of airborne microorganisms, giving customers peace of mind in the home. It also features a UV light, which is used to destroy the DNA of pathogens, creating a safer environment.

The UV614 model is an upgraded version, with a Super HEPA filter instead of the standard True HEPA. Both are well suited for homes, schools, businesses, and hospitals.

While air purifiers are known for reducing the symptoms of asthma and neutralizing unpleasant odors in the home, they are also highly effective at reducing some diseases. The flu is an illness that can be caused by pathogens in the air, and purifiers with HEPA filters can capture these bacteria.

Think Air Purifiers is run by a family of engineers and entrepreneurs, and prides itself on pairing customers with the right device to suit their needs. The store stocks air purifiers well suited to specific situations, and recommends the above models for combating bacteria.

The UV600 is available at https://thinkairpurifiers.com/collections/all-air-purifiers/products/airpura-uv600-bacteria-viruses-air-purifier

Along with quality air purifiers for customers across the US, the store stocks and sells filters and accessories. Customers can also find full, in-depth buyers guides to help them make the most informed decision about their device choice.

A spokesperson for the company states: “We conduct in-depth research on the air purification solution market, so you don’t have to. We strive to provide you the most unbiased and scientific information to help you select the best solution for your clean air and health needs.”

Further details about the UV614 can be found at https://thinkairpurifiers.com/collections/all-air-purifiers/products/airpura-uv614-bacteria-viruses-air-purifier

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