Hemp Organic Plant Nutrients High Yield Low Disease Soil Study Results Released

A major organic soil nutrient company has released the results of three scientifically conducted experiments that conclusively show the results of its products on hemp, corn, and soybeans.

Terra Biotics has released the results of the scientific testing of its soil and plant nutrient range on sample plots of corn, hemp, and soybeans. The company helps farmers switch from conventional chemical products to organic formulations combined with biofertilizers.

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The release of these test results gives scientific evidence to farmers across the globe the confidence to make the move from conventional chemical-dependent farming to an organic sustainable model. Farmers who have made the switch to the organic model are experiencing higher yields and therefore more profits. Also, they are dealing with less disease in their crops.

Three major studies that have been released and are now available from the company. Terra Biotics hopes that as new farms make the transition to its products more and more acreage can be brought back to fertility.

The first study is a one-acre test plot in Arkansas. The scientists grew a hemp strain that is appropriately named, “Hawg’s Original CBD”. It was continuously fed with Terra Biotics organic nutrients & biologicals. The results that came in showed that the hemp plants on this piece of ground were 24% larger in both height and canopy size. Also, they produced a 61% higher yield and were overall healthier plants with better drought resistance and fewer mold issues.

Terra Biotics also sponsored a study of the effects of their products on corn. The strain of corn, “Masters Choice 535 Corn”, was planted on a test plot with Terra Biotics organic nutrients, beneficial bacteria & biologicals and measured against a control plot without the organic fertilizer. The results showed a 22% higher yield on the test plot containing the Terra Biotics nutrient blend. Soybeans were also tested and the results on multiple plots showed a 50% higher yield in one plot and 112% higher yield in another as compared to the control plots.

A company spokesman said, “The results can be attributed to the combination of relevant macronutrients, micronutrients and most importantly beneficial soil bacteria, microbes, fungi and mycorrhizae working synergistically with the plant’s root system. The bacteria break down nutrients into forms that the plants can absorb. The fungi, microbes & mycorrhizae work together to optimize the plant’s ability to build healthy plant roots and help the plant thrive and resist disease.”

The release of these reports show that plant nutrients combined with beneficial soil bacteria, microbes, and mycorrhizae empower farmers to build a living soil, grow healthy plant roots, and bigger, healthier plants with higher yields.

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