Hemet Immigration Lawyer Launches Grassroots Training For Spouses Of Immigrants

Hemet Immigration attorney Carlos Batara takes on chain migration fears with the launch of grassroots law and political seminars aimed at U.S. citizen spouses of immigrants in the Inland Empire.

Hemet Immigration Attorney Carlos Batara has launched a six-month series of Family Immigration Seminars designed to take fear out of the green card equation for spouses of immigrants. The multi-session presentations will take place throughout the Inland Empire, starting on October 12, 2019. Registration is now open.

The seminars have three components: teaching, coaching, and advocacy.

“Too many mixed-status couples, one a U.S. citizen, one an immigrant, are paralyzed by Age Of Immigration Darkness rhetoric. These sentiments negate optimism, the first step necessary for immigration success,” said Batara, a graduate of Harvard Law School and former chairperson for the Immigration Law Committee of the American Bar Association Solo and Small Firm Division.

The climate of stress created by anti-immigrant news often affects immigrants and their spouses at home and work. The consistent worry of losing a spouse to deportation can impact interpersonal relationships and job performance. Long-term life planning is put on hold.

The three goals of the Family Immigration presentations are: (a) To inform immigrants about various green card programs and teach the basics of permanent residence requirements, procedures, and forms; (b) To assess the future of immigration law and help married couples develop positive views toward surmounting current hurdles; and (c) To inspire grassroots involvement and advocacy for the plight of spouses married to immigrants.

The three-part approach was influenced by Batara’s experiences as a non-profit director and community organizer before opening his immigration law practice.

More details can be found at https://www.bataraimmigrationlaw.com/announcements.

In particular, Batara plans to place special emphasis on the role of U.S. citizen spouses in calling attention to family immigration concerns.

Batara asserts little focus is given to United States citizen spouses in immigration reform discourse. “The concerns of U.S. citizen spouses of immigrants should be moved from the backburner to the forefront of immigration reform dialogue. Other constituencies have dwarfed their voices in the immigration debate. Yet, if their ordeals were to become mainstream, public mistrust of immigrant families would undoubtedly tone down.”

Towards this end, lawful permanent resident spouses who attend will be encouraged to take the next step and naturalize, an action which could prove critical for their immigrant husbands and wives.

Adds Batara, “Family unity has long been the bedrock of immigration law. Given the political rise of chain migration claims, now is the perfect time to kick start the Age of Immigration Enlightenment.”

About Batara Immigration Law: Batara Immigration Law has helped immigrants from more than 100 countries since its inception over 25 years ago. The firm has offices in Hemet, Riverside, and San Bernardino. Carlos Batara specializes in permanent residence and citizenship cases, as well as deportation defense and immigration appeals.

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