Hemel Hempstead Best Oven Aga Grill & Hob Cleaning Service Launches New Website

A new oven cleaning site has launched that advertises the services of The Professional Oven Cleaner in Hemel Hemstead and the surrounding area. The company boasts a skilled staff of cleaning technicians and aims to restore showroom shine to every oven.

The Professional Oven Cleaner, an oven cleaning specialist in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire in the UK, has announced the launch of their new website advertising its oven and Aga cleaning services in the surrounding area. The new site is aimed at local customers looking to find the best oven cleaner they can and was created to show a range of unique cleaning features employed by The Professional Oven Cleaner when the company works on a customer’s oven or Aga.

More information can be found on The Professional Oven Cleaner website at: Oven Cleaning Services in Hemel Hempstead

The Professional Oven Cleaner site explains that any oven or Aga owner looking for someone to help make their lives easier, or anyone who is averse to cleaning their greasy oven can get in touch with The Professional Oven Cleaner to do it for them. The company specialises in restoring the showroom shine back to ovens, AGAs, grills, hobs and microwaves.

The site goes on to underscore that the company offers eco friendly cleaning methods, with short notice and weekend appointments often available, and explains that the expert staff are well trained and respectful of clients and properties.

A key feature of the new site is an instructional video, which shows that oven baked grease is one of the most difficult forms of cooking dirt to get rid of. Not only does heat sear cooking grease onto the glass and panels of cooking appliances but the effort required to shift it, including bending down, scrubbing on hands and knees and working to the point of aching arms and back, can be off putting before the home owner even begins the task. This video can be viewed at this link: http://theprofessionalovencleaner.co.uk/best-oven-cleaner-hemel-hempstead-makes-life-easier.

In addition, because oven racks rarely fit into the sink for cleaning, the video goes on to show that it can often be easier for customers to use a professional oven cleaning service to get the job done. The Professional Oven Cleaner was created to help with this problem. The company is owned by Remo Megenis, who has run the business for five years.

He said: “My company has cleaned thousands of ovens and have many hundreds of satisfied clients coming back to us to have their ovens cleaned every 4 – 6 months. It may be a job that you hate to do, but we really love it. Our motto is, ‘You Cook – We Clean!’ “

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