Help Revive the Gym at His Thousand Hills Christian Camp & Retreat Center in PA

New fundraiser at His Thousand Hills Christian Camp and Retreat Center now available to help Revive The Gym.

Supporters wanting to help a ministry in PA acquire new, better roller skates and a sound system can take advantage of the new fundraiser from His Thousand Hills. The ministry has implemented this new fundraiser to revive the gym. In order to take advantage of this opportunity to help, supporters can visit the website at for full details.

His Thousand Hills Christian Camp in PA is excited to unveil this latest fundraiser to benefit “Revive The Gym” because the gym is where many different events and activities are held every week for the community and for visitors from around the state that come to visit. This Revive the Gym Fundraiser is specifically designed to meet the needs of youth and adults in the community that use the facility.

Todd Moss, Executive Director, described the new fundraiser in this way:

“We now have an opportunity to replace all the skates in disrepair! There is a skating rink in Virginia that is going out of business and selling everything. We want to raise about $2,000 so can replace the skates and sound system in the gym that has not worked properly in several years. We feel this is a timely opportunity to make these much needed adjustments as just last Tuesday on Family Skate Night, we had over 100 people attend… the music was barely playing from one of the only working speakers and several youth went without skates because we did not have enough. Please help us raise what we need to replace the skates and the sound system.”

Interested parties that would like to be blessed by helping provide new, better roller skates and sound system at His Thousand Hills Christian Camp in PA are encouraged to visit the website at for full details and to get started.

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