Help Children Overcome Bullying & Intimidation Mindfulness Tips Site Announced

Sylvie Drapeau, the mindfulness expert and educator of adults and children, has announced a new site that will have an December launch. It will offer a wide range of teaching resources helping children to overcome bullying and intimidation.

A new teaching resource website has been announced for a December launch, offering parents, teachers, coaches, grandparents and legal guardians of children the chance to learn unique methods to help raise and educate kids. Created by Sylvie Drapeau, it will show readers how to use personal development methods as a way to boost self esteem, and overcome intimidation and bullying at school through a focus on articles, products, and the power of the mind.

More information can be found in December on Sylvie Drapeau’s website at:

Sylvie is a bestselling and co author of “The Prosperity Factor” with Joe Vitale and has over 20 years of experience as an educator . She takes great pride in helping other adults and children alike to become what she calls mindset creators, and unlock their true potential. She says that children can learn at any age to use methods and techniques to discover the power of the mind and overcome bullying and intimidation.

Her site provides educational resources to help empower adults and children to discover their own personal unique essence of life. Sylvie has collected some of the most powerful tools she uses to access mindfulness and increase confidence among both adults and children, from young toddlers through to older kids and teenagers.

She designed this process to fit the needs of a growing community of parents, teachers and mentors who may feel overwhelmed by the fast paced work and increasing expectations placed on both them and their children. To help ensure the education process runs as smoothly as possible, she wanted to ensure that her materials can be used at home, in schools and on the go.

Sylvie Drapeau explains that it’s possible to use mindfulness techniques to unlock the inner potential of every person, and takes pride in showing adults and children how to unlock the skills and knowledge that everyone has inside them both to boost their quality of life and to help improve the world around them.

She goes on to say that people have within themselves the drive and ability to find success. The problem is in locating it, learning how to use it, and harnessing it to transform lives. Her website places this quest at the forefront, bringing revolutionary tools and techniques to the public eye.

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