Helensvale QLD Siloxane Paint Cruise Ship Marine Coating Services Launched

Helensvale, Gold Coast, Queensland, company Seacoat Technology Australiasia updated its range of non-toxic and environmentally safe paint and coating services for cruise ships, pleasure boats and commercial marine throughout the world.

Seacoat Technology Australiasia announced the launch of an updated range of Siloxane, Silane and polysiloxane paint and coating technology solutions for cruise ships, pleasure boats and commercial marine. The Helensvale, Queensland based company is the leader in the development of advanced Silane Foul release coatings for all types of marine vessels.

More information can be found at https://seacoat.com.au

Seacoat Technology Australiasia delivers high performance paint and coating technology to the marine industry. The company’s newly launched range of Siloxane, Silane and polysiloxane solutions aim to provide non-toxic and environmentally safe alternatives to conventional toxic antifouling.

Marine antifouling coatings for boats and ships offer protection against deterioration, improve hull appearance, and reduce drag.

The team at Seacoat Technology Australiasia custom tailor their coating products to fit the needs of clients across a wide variety of markets, and they pride themselves on offering superior customer service through the duration of the job. Their technologies protect valuable assets against the destructive effects of corrosion, marine fouling, impact, extreme temperatures, and more.

Seacoat Technology Australiasia is widely recognized as a leading name in protective and marine coatings. The company’s cutting-edge products and services protect assets in some of the world’s most challenging industries and environments.

Seacoat Technology Australiasia is committed to serving its clients by providing long-lasting high performance coating systems.

With the recent announcement, the expert team at Seacoat Technology Australiasia is dedicated to helping their clients to make the world a safer, greener and more beautiful place.

According to the official website of Seacoat Technology Australiasia, “The background and expertise of Seacoat in polysiloxane chemistry provides marine paint solutions today by integrating polysiloxane chemistry with the benefits of epoxies and urethanes, SeaCoat Technology, LLC meets tomorrow’s environmental needs and today’s performance requirements in the marine, energy and wastewater industries.”

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