Hegic Token vs Bitcoin – November 2021 News/DeFi Crypto Beginners Site Launched

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The new Hegicy News site has been launched, distributing the latest news from the cryptocurrency industry - and in particular, news about projects centered around the Hegic token and the team behind it.

The blog posts regular updates regarding the Hegic token project, as well as the Hegic V8888 exchange. Alongside these stories, the blog offers the latest market news to guide its readers through the crypto space.

To learn more, visit http://hegicynews.com

The Hegicy News blog was created to track the movement of the Hegic project following its recent emergence as a real contender in the crypto market. The Hegic team has recently expanded into a trading network based on the ETH blockchain, among other projects, all of which are closely tracked by the Hegicy blog.

The Hegic token is a recent addition to the Etherium blockchain and is the native token of the Hegic trading platform. The platform allows for options trading without the standard fees that many exchanges apply, making it a viable option for beginners and for those looking to move away from non-blockchain platforms such as Robinhood.

The Hegicy blog aims to guide traders new and old through the many facets of the Hegic project, helping new traders to assess risk and experienced traders to optimize their decisions based on the latest information.

The technical analysis the blog provides can be essential in the trading process. The team behind the Hegicy blog wishes to provide a valuable source of information which, in many cases, can be the difference between a profitable trade and a panic sell.

Through this transparency, the Hegic team sets itself apart from many DeFi development teams. By allowing investors access to the wealth of news and information available through the Hegicy News blog, they increase the trust relationship between themselves and investors, allowing for increased stability and informed decision-making.

About Hegicy News

The blog has been distributing news about the Hegic project since its inception in 2020, when it was created by Molly Wintermute and further developed by her team. The Hegic platform was created to simplify options trading through use of the ETH blockchain, and the blog was established shortly after in order to help investors use these new tools.

For more information about Hegecy, visit http://hegicynews.com

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