Hegic Coin News Site – Jan 2022 Binance/BTC For Beginners Report Launched

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Hegicy News has launched their latest report, detailing the benefits and drawbacks of the Binance exchange for cryptocurrency trading.

The new report includes an overview of using the Binance platform to improve earning potential through the exchange’s various APY programs. The article also provides traders with a full breakdown of the security measures available through Binance, which are essential to keeping crypto wallets secure, especially those held through a third-party platform.

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As competition in the DeFi exchange industry continues to tighten, vetting one platform against another becomes increasingly difficult, making reports like this one an important resource. Hegicy’s new coverage is especially valuable, as it not only covers the positive aspects of the Binance platform, but also the controversies surrounding it and the various downsides that may come with using it.

Founded in 2017, Binance currently stands as the highest volume crypto trading platform on the market, trading nearly 14 billion USD in crypto per day, over 10 billion more than its closest competitor, Coinbase. Originally created for the sole purpose of exchanging BTC, Binance now offers a full spread of just over 150 crypto assets.

However, as monolithic as Binance has become in the crypto industry, it still has its pros and cons, which are explored in this report. Using this information, traders can utilize Binance to meet their needs and goals.

The article also details the many unique benefits of Binance, some of which mimic features which are available through more traditional banking platforms. For instance, thanks to the sheer volume of capital Binance can access, they are able to offer loans on large crypto purchases.

Hegicy News has chosen to place heavy emphasis on the technical features of Binance, including a thorough analysis of the platform’s “Advanced” and “Trader View” modes. These features may be unnecessary for day traders, but for high-volume traders, the ability to closely monitor price movement can be invaluable.

This level of thorough coverage is the standard on the Hegicy News site, which has been established to guide traders through a volatile and often confusing market landscape.

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