Hedge Fund Tips Predictions Live Chat Platform For Investment Managers

An investment service has been announced, which allows new and experienced traders to learn straight from the discussions of real hedge fund managers. Follow the daily discussions of real hedge fund managers!

Smart Connexion Technologies, a company based in South Africa, announces a service that allows investment managers to stay abreast of market trends and topics to help them make informed decisions. The fly-on-the-wall service called Hedgies Uncut features the live chat of real hedge fund managers discussing what they are trading on and what other things they are doing day to day.

More information can be found at https://capitalistexploits.at/hedgies-uncut/?orid=43966&opid=83.

This exciting service endeavors to assist both beginner and expert traders in increasing their competency. By joining the network, investment managers get access to investment sanity checks, direct trade ideas and tips, unfiltered market commentaries, and future predictions. They can also watch real hedge fund managers exchange their unique investment ideas.

With the global health crisis and the lockdowns it has prompted in different parts of the world, experts predict that the market will be severely affected. Hedgies Uncut also aims to teach investment managers how to position their and their clients’ capital wisely in light of the pandemic.

Capitalist Exploits, the company behind Hedgies Uncut, has made joining the network very easy. Traders simply have to provide a few details through an online form, then they will receive an invite to join the live chat. Sign up is free at the moment.

Hedgies Uncut has been featured on a number of well-recognized financial publications.

Dedicated to finding asymmetric risk/reward investment opportunities, Capitalist Exploits has previously launched investment and trading services aside from Hedgies Uncut. One of them is Insider, which enables subscribers to access the company’s ongoing live portfolio of asymmetric investment ideas backed by professional research.

With the latest announcement, the company continues to invest in the development of high-quality investment resources for investors throughout the world. Capitalist Exploits’ products and services are currently serving subscribers from a total of 53 countries.

Parties interested in joining the Hedgies Uncut network may learn more by clicking on the above link.

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