Heavy Duty Tree & Porch Outdoor Swing With Large Safe Oval Web Seat Launched

Swingiling, an outdoor swing for porches, backyards or trees, with a unique and comfortable spider web oval base and a weight limit of up to 150kgs, held by UV resistant plastic ropes meeting the highest backyard residential use safety standards, has been launched.

A brand new outdoor swing, entitled Swingiling, with high quality UV resistant materials and a unique design tailored to ensure premier durability and a comfortable, safe experience for the entire family, has been launched.

More information is available at https://amazon.com/Swingiling-Porch-Swing-Rounded-Resistance/dp/B017NL2SJ4?ie=UTF8&keywords=swingiling&qid=1459105812&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1.

The Swingiling outdoor swing is designed to be easily installed in any area or location of the porch and pre-existent swing set/structure or hanged on a tree within the yard to provide a fun, relaxing and safe product for the entire family, combining the popular features of the old-school classic backyard swings with modern design, high-quality materials and safety precautions.

The product features a unique heavy duty spider web with a diameter of 39.37 inches and including an oval base of sturdy steel tubing ensconced in extra padding and a highly durable braided plastic rope to ensure a comfortable and safe swing and slide while allowing room for multiple children or adults at once.

Its web designed rope is made of UV resistant polyethylene tailored to ensure premier outdoors durability and ensure a weight tolerance exceeding 150kgs, while adhering to all ASTM safety standards for backyard residential use.

More information on the Swingiling Porch & Tree Swing along with its unique features, design and materials to ensure a premier, safe, comfortable and fun experience for both children and adults can be consulted on the website link provided above along with images and multiple customer or user ratings and testimonials.

The Swingiling developers explain that “our product is one of the safest and strongest swings in the market, bringing happiness and joy to the whole family by allowing for the pleasure of the old classic swing, spin and slide in the backyard while keeping everyone safe. The swing also holds plenty of room for a child to share the experience with others and features a uniquely designed spider web for a comfortable usage.”

They add that “the Swingiling can be used in unlimited locations in a backyard or porch and meets all the safety standards with strong quality materials that hold the swing to last a long time. Because we care and like everything we do, we try to provide the best with a lot of passion to meet the high standards of our customers, ensuring they always get something they can trust.”

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