Heavy Duty Metal Plant Labels Set For Amazon Launch

YOUniversal Products, LLC announces the upcoming release of their new heavy-duty metal plant labels, beginning 5/24/2017. More information can be found at: https://www.amazon.com/Large-Metal-Plant-Labels-Markers/dp/B071VQLZ8K

Customers looking for the latest heavy-duty metal plant labels will soon be able to purchase them from YOUniversal Products, LLC. Today, Dan Vander Vort, Co-Founder at YOUniversal Products, LLC releases details of the development of their new metal plant labels. These metal plant labels will soon be available exclusively on Amazon.

The metal plant labels are designed to appeal specifically to gardeners, and the labels feature stainless steel wire holders. This feature was included because it provides a heavy-duty option for customers who have acidic soils, which could corrode bare metal wire. This is great news for any consumer, as it will provide a quality product that will last a long time, even in harsh weather conditions.

The plant labels also feature extra thick zinc nameplates. This was made part of the product, since YOUniversal Products wanted their customers to have a very high-quality option that will stand up to repeated use. Customers who buy these metal plant labels should enjoy this feature, because they will not need to repurchase these metal plant labels every year.

YOUniversal Products, LLC ensured that these metal plant labels are made in the USA. The company wants to maintain the highest quality product that is available on the market. Sample prototypes from other countries did not adhere to the strict standards that they hold for their products. Customers will likely appreciate this because it provides a quality product that consumers can rely on, without the issues that accompany cheaper products that are imported from outside the USA.

Dan Vander Vort, when asked about the metal plant labels, said, “We are very excited to announce the upcoming launch of our heavy-duty metal plant labels. It has taken us a long time to bring our latest product to market, but we think our customers will really like them and it will be well worth the effort.”

This is YOUniversal Products, LLC’s 12th product overall, but the first of its kind for the company. Dan Vander Vort is particularly excited about this release because, “there are a lot of cheaper versions of metal plant labels available, but ours are truly a premium option for our customers.”

Those interested in learning more about the business, YOUniversal Products, LLC, can do so on the business website at: http://youniversalproducts.com/

Those interested in learning more about these metal plant labels can go directly to the product listing at: https://www.amazon.com/Large-Metal-Plant-Labels-Markers/dp/B071VQLZ8K

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