Heavy Duty Gym Flooring Fitness Weightlifting Anti Vibration Products Launched

TVS Gym Flooring, a British company specializing in cutting-edge gym and fitness flooring solutions, launched an updated range of sound and vibration suppression products. The company offers durable gym flooring materials, anti-vibration pads, impact-absorbing isolation rings and various other high-quality products.

TVS Gym Flooring, a British company specializing in cutting-edge gym flooring solutions, launched a new range of products featuring special acoustic and anti-vibration features for health, fitness and education facilities throughout the world.

More information can be found at http://tvs-gymflooring.com.

In addition to its high-quality, durable gym flooring materials available in a wide range of colours and thicknesses, the company now offers anti-vibration pads for treadmills, impact-absorbing isolation rings for gym equipment and spring jack-up floating floors for free weight areas.

By combining its premium performance surfaces with acoustically-engineered elastic layers or shock pads, TVS Gym Flooring solutions also deliver additional protection to the base slab and limit the transmission of impact forces into a building’s structure.

The success of TVS Gym Flooring stems from its unique ability to provide top quality sports and fitness surfaces tailored to the particular demands of a diverse range of clients. TVS currently counts among its clients leading health clubs and weightlifting gyms, strength and conditioning centres, public leisure complexes and boutique fitness studios, along with top schools and colleges across the UK.

The TVS Group’s well-established expertise in the field of sound and vibration suppression is proving a vital ingredient in its rise to the top of the fast-expanding gym flooring industry, the company currently having partnerships with prestigious clients such as Chelsea FC and reigning Six Nations rugby union Champions England.

The latest gym flooring equipment updates come as a response to the increasing demand for TVS’ innovative, problem-solving approach to quality gym and fitness solutions. From meeting the challenges of a newly-built health club, upgrading an existing sports centre or working on a new gym in premises never originally designed to accommodate fitness facilities, the British company has the necessary experience and professional staff to respond to any gym and fitness needs.

TVS Gym Flooring serves clients both in the United Kingdom and internationally.

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