HearWorks Acquires Full Services Direct Mail And Automated Fulfillment Center

A new acquisition has been announced by HearWorks to develop their marketing solutions for hearing practices. They can now provide clients with bespoke direct mail campaigns to optimize growth.

November 23, 2020 Houston Texas- HearWorks, a Pearland, Texas-based hearing healthcare industry marketing agency and buying group has announced a new direct mail and print fulfillment acquisition. HearWorks has recently acquired a full-service print, mail, and automated fulfillment house to provide direct mail marketing and print solutions for its clients.

More information can be found at: https://www.HearWorks.com

The addition positions HearWorks as the only company in the hearing healthcare space offering full-service marketing, automation, direct mail, print fulfillment, and buying group services. “HearWorks clients can now enjoy the simplicity of having all of their marketing and hearing aid purchases under one umbrella” said Co-Founder Tucker Worster.

The new mail house will be called PrintWorks, and offer targeted direct mail solutions targeting private pay leads. The new direct mail marketing services position hearing clinics for continued growth. The service can help them to provide additional in-house marketing services, generate more leads for clients, and create a positive brand image.

Benefits of the new service include offering prospects highly targeted, personalized marketing messages. “Direct mail is more tangible than digital forms of marketing, and prospective patients are more likely to view, read and engage with the content. Our print numbers have been generating an incredibly high ROI for our clients ” said Erik Sorenson Co-Founder of HearWorks.

The new acquisition is part of a service expansion that enables clients to develop effective, reliable and multi-faceted marketing campaigns. The HearWorks team has a combined 45 years of experience in the field, and prides itself on quality service. Other services include automated patient care, enabling clinics to create a powerful journey for each patient. This allows them to be guided through the process, build trust, and create loyalty. Sorenson added “automated patient care means your practice will achieve new heights. More patients will refer, more patients will review and more patients will be happy with the high level of care you have given them.”

Founded in 2016 and rebranded in February, HearWorks has enjoyed substantial success implementing marketing, automation, and buying group services in over 600 clinics around the US.

For a strategy call or to take advantage of PrintWorks direct mail services, go to www.HearWorks.com/Strategy

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