HearGift New Hearing Device With Tinnitus Masking And Frequency Control Launched

Ontario-based company HearGift has launched their newest offering for hard-of-hearing individuals. The HearGift V7 Hearing Aids feature a host of new functions compared to its previous version.

HearGift announces the release of its latest product, the HearGift V7 Hearing Aids. The newest version contains several useful features not found in previous iterations.

More information on the product can be accessed at: https://heargift.com/products/heargift-v7-itc-hearing-device

The newly released hearing aid still possesses the sleek and discreet design that has made its predecessors popular. In terms of function, however, the V7 is far more advanced, especially with the inclusion of three pre-programmed channels. The device can now be set to either low, middle, and high frequency, whichever best suits the user’s hearing loss profile.

The omni-directional microphones are another great addition to the V7. While less sensitive microphones in other devices require their users to adjust their position and face people directly to be able to hear them, picking up sound is far easier with the V7. Speech is also noticeably clearer.

The V7 also now has a sleep mode, which eliminates the need to open the battery door to turn off the device.

Many of the well-loved features of the V6 are still in the V7, including smart noise reduction, adaptive volume control, wind suppression, loud sound protection, and the tinnitus masking system that blocks the noise or ringing that users get in their ears.

When purchasing the product, customers may choose to get both ear devices or either just the left or the right unit. Each V7 also comes with three domes of different sizes to ensure a good fit, as well as a carrying case, an A10 battery, a brush, and a wax guard pack.

HearGift is a company dedicated to providing hard-of-hearing individuals with hearing devices at a fraction of the cost of specialized hearing aids. The company located in Ontario, Canada ships their hearing devices worldwide for free.

Additional details on the company and their products are available on their website at: https://heargift.com

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