Healthy Living Blueprints & Weight Loss Workout Resources Database Site Launched

A website entitled Healthy Living Mall, providing a broad range of resources with the latest, most popular and trending diet or weight loss plans, nutrition blueprints and exercise programs to help healthy living aficionados find the most suitable solutions for their needs has been launched.

Healthy Living Mall, a new website providing a broad range of tools, resources and knowledge to help those looking to lose weight, eat better, get fit or just lead a more healthy lifestyle find the blueprint, program or plan that suits their specific needs has just been launched.

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The newly launched Healthy Living Mall was created to provide healthy living aficionados with a comprehensive, reliable and up-to-date ‘one-stop source’ for all the most popular conventional, all natural or alternative diet and weight loss, exercise and fitness, nutrition or mental health resources and programs available.

The healthy living website provides a regularly updated product catalog which includes a wide range of book, video, CD or workbook packs detailing some of the latest, most popular and trending diet and weight loss programs, from the all natural ‘Customized Fat Loss By Kyle Leon’ to the ‘Xtreme Fat Loss Diet’ to lose up to 25 pounds in 25 and the 49-day all natural body transformation program ‘Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle’ or ‘The 3 Week Diet’, and more.

It also provides a complete range of resources on exercise and fitness, from the revolutionary ‘Elite Fitness’ system to the popular yoga-like ‘Tactical Gymnastics’ plan or the cellulite reduction program ‘Thin Thighs’ as well as the nutrition related ‘250 Fat Torching Recipes’, ‘The Coconut Oil Blueprint’ or the comprehensive ‘Hearth Health Made Easy’ along with multiple important mental health resources.

The Healthy Living Mall explains that “our mission is to provide our visitors with the tools and knowledge they need to improve all areas of their health. Whether they are looking to lose weight, get fit or learn how to deal with a specific problem our site has them covered with many types of conventional programs as well as natural or alternative plans”.

The popular healthy living website adds that “we are continually updating our product catalogue with the latest resources and our news sections with the most up-to-date articles to provide access to all the health information needed to put people back in control and allow for unbiased informed decisions about their own health”.

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