Healthy Food Wellness Free Food Revolution 2019 Summit Online Event Launched

Health Club Emporium has announced information on how to participate in the Food Revolution Summit from April 27 - May 5. People can register for free to participate in the online event.

Health and wellness website Health Club Emporium has launched online resources and free access to the Food Revolution Summit happening from April 27 to May 5th. The site focuses on how eating the right foods can increase health and help to avoid illness.

More information can be found here:

Readers of the Health Club Emporium blog at the link above can find out how to participate in the free Food Revolution Summit remotely. The online summit is taking place from April 27 to May 5th and it’s available free for people who are interested in how to make healthy changes in their lives based on the food they eat.

The summit is bringing together 24 of the world’s top food experts to give participants cutting-edge food knowledge using scientific wisdom about how people can take control of their health by monitoring the food they eat.

In the summit, participants will find out which foods have been proven to prevent and fight illnesses like cancer, as well as foods that have been proven to boost brain health and what foods to avoid to prevent Alzheimer’s.

The experts will share their wisdom on the science of nutrition and explain exactly how fat, protein, carbs, iron and other critical nutrients work inside the body. The summit is proud to provide participants with engaging and actionable interviews with food experts from all around the world.

All of the speakers are food experts, and the whole experience is high quality, research-backed and easy to understand. Participants will get a comprehensive picture of how it is possible to improve health and increase life expectancy by eating the right food.

The goal of the summit is that all participants will leave feeling inspired and hopeful for themselves and for the world. The experts will delve into how a plant-based, whole-food diet is the foundation of health

The experts will answer common nutrition questions like what types of foods to eat to prevent disease, increase energy and boost brain health. They will also address how to get the necessary nutrients from a plant-powered diet. Interested parties can find more information and register for the summit for free here:

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