Healthy Clean Pet New Improved Oatmeal Dog Shampoo for Itchy Dry Skin

Pet owners can now use a new improved natural oatmeal & aloe shampoo for dogs and cats to help to relieve itchy dry skin. More information on this pet shampoo is available at

Healthy Clean Pet Shampoo addresses the problem of dry, itchy and irritated skin problems in dogs and cats with his new improved quality all renovated image of the natural oatmeal and aloe vera dog shampoo.

The Healthy Clean Pet commitment is to innovate and improve their products constantly to maintain the best customer satisfaction experience and the high top ranking level of their natural pet products.

Pet biting, licking and scratching itself is a common problem caused by factors such as air conditioning and/or heating in the home, outdoor weather conditions, nutrition, genetics, and agin.

Dr. Arthur Stone, said “Skin problems is one of the biggest reasons people take their dogs to the vet. Using the right products on your pet their skin can be protected and maintained. Proper dog skin care begins with regular bathing at home”.

Romina Pineda, from said “When a pet is constantly biting or scratching himself, this usually gets the skin irritated and damaged so therefore some help will be needed to repair their skin”.

“Oatmeal is a natural ingredient recommended because it helps to reduce the itch from the pet’s skin. This oatmeal dog shampoo gives maximum anti-itch protection and helps to minimize scratching, so a doggie will feel relief from the itch”

Pineda said “The reason why we choose Aloe Vera for this shampoo, is because it is a potent natural ingredient for skin repair. Using this shampoo frequently will help to relief irritation and repair the pet’s skin that is damaged”.

Pet owners usually spot the itchy, dry and irritated skin problem quickly because their pet’s skin is red accompanied by intense itching which may include skin irritation, scratching, biting and licking.

Dave Brown from Texas said “We saw this product in Amazon and decided to try the healthy clean pet oatmeal shampoo right away since 4 of our 6 poodles had itching and irritated skin”.

“Since the first bath, we noticed a moderate improvement on their itching, but figured since the skin was damaged we did another bath one week later, and sure enough the skin started to improve and the itching was gone. It definitely helped reduce scratching and skin irritation”.

Other pet owners share similar stories of rapid and long term relief for their pets from itchy, irritated and dry skin. This natural oatmeal & aloe vera pet shampoo is safe and effective for all breeds of dogs and cats.

More details on the Healthy Clean Pet oatmeal dog shampoo, and the variety of other pet natural products they offer are available at

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