Healthy Alkaline Adjustable pH Cleansing Water For Wellness Support Launched

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New lines of Enagic’s Kangen Water Machines have launched, providing healthy water for various purposes including beauty care, cleaning and healthy living to households around the world.

Enagic, a global manufacturer of alkaline ionizers and water filtration technology, has launched new lines of Kangen Water Machines with expanded availability. The launch brings clean and healthy water to customers the world over.

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The ongoing health crisis has led to widespread interest in maintaining better wellness and vitality. In accordance with Enagic’s continuing goal to promote health and wellness on a global scale, the newly launched Kangen Water Machine line is updated with additional models, each with varying features and suitability for different households.

Company representatives stress that regular tap water and even bottled water are not optimal choices for health. Bottled supplies are acidic, environmentally damaging, and expensive in the long-term. Studies show that the average person can save up to $6000 over 5 years simply by refilling water with stainless steel bottles, rather than purchasing plastic bottles on a regular basis.

Kangen Water Machines help users to save money while avoiding harmful contaminants found in tap water. Its medical-grade water ionizing technology restructures the pH levels of tap water with different effects. At varying pH levels, water can be used to both clean hair and sanitize objects, preventing cross-contamination. Other pH levels are ideal for healthy drinking and food preparation.

Further, the machines provide water that is rich in antioxidants and natural alkaline minerals which detox the body, reduce inflammation, and help to flush out acidity. In addition, high pH alkaline water is an inhospitable environment for disease and bacteria.

With Kangen Water Machines, users benefit from water that can replace household products and cleaning chemicals with many different uses, such as stain removal and beauty care. Water can be adjusted to nourish plants and enhance hygiene accordingly.

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One satisfied customer said: “Kangen Water has been a life-changer for my family. We use it for everything, from disinfecting to cleaning and of course, drinking the most antioxidant-rich water out there. Proper hydration is extremely important for overall wellness and strong mental health.”

With its latest announcement, Enagic continues to provide custom pH water that serves individual needs, available for households and businesses worldwide.

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