Healthcare Workers PTSD – Pandemic-Induced Depression/Anxiety Report Updated

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Passionate Care has announced an update to its special report for healthcare workers who have experienced increased stress and anxiety from their COVID-19 work.

With the goal of providing support to nurses and other frontline workers who want to get back to their pre-pandemic selves, this updated special report gives guidance on how to deal with anxiety during this stressful time.

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Passionate Care recognizes that many healthcare workers do not know how to get help for themselves or do not even have time or energy to find help. Now, frontline workers can get the report, entitled “Overcoming Anxiety”, which can help them realize how they can turn off anxiety to sleep well and wake up fresh.

Healthcare workers have demanding jobs even under the best conditions. During this pandemic, though, their jobs have involved longer hours and more uncertainty about their own safety, with burnout happening more often.

Passionate Care explains that the public has often cheered frontline workers as heroes who tried to save or comfort Covid-19 patients, but that the public was not aware of the emotional toll on the mental health of these workers.

As the Covid-19 pandemic goes into the third year of challenging doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers, these professionals continue to care for patients despite being exhausted, risking infection, and losing many to the disease.

With the emotional toll placed on health professionals, the result has sometimes been anxiety, depression, PTSD, and panic attacks.

The CDC’s “Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report” recently reported the prevalence of depression at 32%, anxiety at 30.3%, PTSD at 36.8%, and suicidal thoughts at 8.4%.

As explained on the Passionate Care website, the most important thing that healthcare workers suffering from mental health issues can do is to ask for help before their situation gets out of control.

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To help healthcare workers, Passionate Care has made available a free downloadable tool that can help them overcome anxiety and get back to living a full life.

A spokesperson stated, “There is a solution that doesn’t require drugs, expensive counseling sessions, or any kind of formal professional intervention. It’s a free downloadable tool that will help you to get back on track and live your life the way you are supposed to. It’s the first step to feeling better.”

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