HealthCare U Announces Online Healthcare Sales Training

HealthCare U is an online platform for medical device and pharmaceutical representatives. Their online training course focuses on increasing productivity, improving results, and building sales skills.

Tampa, FL – HealthCare U, an online instructional website for healthcare representatives, is excited to announce the launch of their Sales 101 course. It is designed to teach professionals everything they need to know in order to effectively market medical products.

HealthCare U’s audience, medical device and pharmaceutical representatives, hold a very specific job description. These professionals are expected to not only promote their company’s products but also be able to answer queries and make recommendations. Additionally, representatives need to keep in mind the different kinds of customers they interact with. Because they work with nurses, doctors, and pharmacists, representatives must recognize their audience and apply the appropriate communication strategy.

When first creating HealthCare U, founder Vick Tipnes recognized that healthcare representatives need to have the proper training to be able to fulfill this job description. Tipnes’ previous experience as a business owner showed him the need for a well-trained staff. When traditional live training methods proved ineffective, Tipnes found success in virtual courses. Representatives could learn on their own time, receive comprehensive instruction, and have the information easily accessible for whenever they needed it.

The website incorporates these founding principles into its courses. The company prides themselves on providing their clients with a convenient way to learn and apply relevant information. When teaching the material, HealthCare U also takes into consideration the difference between healthcare sales and general sales. Many of the concepts are universal, but there are factors unique to healthcare sales that are essential for representatives to understand in order to be successful.

Although healthcare professionals usually need to hold a bachelor’s degree to land a job, medical device and pharmaceutical sales training from websites like HealthCare U have proven beneficial. With the information they learn, candidates are considerably more prepared for interviews and able to take on a variety of clients. Employers, therefore, can often look past the fact that a candidate with online training might not have as much formal education or experience in the field.

These courses are not intended just for individual representatives. Companies with medical representative teams of any size can also take advantage of their courses. The Sales 101 course is available to help anyone looking to further their medical device and/or pharmaceutical sales training.

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