Health/Wellness Entrepreneurs Masterclass – Psychologist-Led Training Updated

For many providers, delivering mental healthcare is a vocation rather than a commercial endeavour. Against the challenges of running a therapy service in an increasingly competitive industry, a renowned psychologist announces an updated business training course for health professionals.

Dr. Tilean has launched a new version of her masterclass for therapists, psychologists, and counsellors, providing expert training in how to maximise revenue in the health and wellness sector.

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The latest iteration of the training program offers expert guidance to entrepreneurs wishing to succeed in an oversaturated marketplace. Dr. Tilean is also offering subscribers access to her podcast series – The Abundant Practitioner – as well as a community Facebook group, and YouTube channel.

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the wellness industry has expanded to a value of $4.2 trillion, a rise of 6.4% since 2017. This rate of growth outstrips that of the entire global economy, demonstrating the increased demand for holistic psychological services in today’s stressful and fast-paced world.

Dr. Tilean shares practical tips on how to best engage with, and empower, clients, establish lasting therapeutic relationships, and encourage regular attendance.

Subscribers can also learn how to expand their business’s online and telehealth operations, providing clientele with versatile services that reflect the requirements of busy professionals with limited time in a day for therapy.

The masterclass discusses commercial strategies for health and wellness businesses. Enrollees can benefit from Dr. Tilean’s experience in pricing structures, package promotions, and ways to charge for services beyond the traditional model of charging by the hour.

The Abundant Practitioner podcast delves into the untapped potential of the global e-learning market, teaching subscribers how the rapid growth of this sector can be used to scale their own practices. Dr. Tilean hosts regular Q&A sessions and quarterly challenges, providing support for enrollees at every stage of their journey.

Membership of the Facebook group gives access to a growing community of fellow healthcare entrepreneurs, sharing insights, advice, and success stories.

About Dr. Tilean

Dr. Tilean Gordon is a chartered psychologist, behavioural change expert, and business mentor. Based in London, UK, where she also works as trustee for the School Grounds Sounds music initiative, Dr. Tilean brings experience as a public speaker and visiting lecturer.

A satisfied subscriber says, “Working with Dr. Tilean was the best business decision I ever made. I am so much more confident and have transformed my life in a way that I never thought I could.”

With the launch of her updated masterclass and podcast series, Dr. Tilean continues to support healthcare practitioners on their journey towards financial independence.

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