Health News HQ is celebrating their New Mental Health Blog Site.

Health News HQ is celebrating its Blogsite with giveaways, new blog posts on Anxiety disorder, diagnosis, symptoms and treatments. Our goal is to bring a whole-of-family approach to menatl health

Health News HQ is excited to announce the launch of our New Mental Health Blog website To celebrate the launch, We are giving away Ebook on Anxiety and Meditation and also releasing new blog post to help people struggling with mental illness, anxiety disorder, depression and other mental illnesses. Health News HQ reported the event will take place on Friday February 14th.

In a space where most competitors simply post some ads and keep quiet about their launch. Health News HQ has opted to do a little more they’ll have giveaways and exciting articles to celebrate. We are releasing our new blog post to help those impacted by mental illness, anxiety disorder, depression and more.

Ada Joe, at Health News HQ, says: “We want to emphasize the struggles of mental illness as a human experience, encourage people to treat mental illness alike physical illness and as normal part of being alive like any other disease in humans. We must care and treat illness on our bodies, but also care for our emotions, thoughts and illness of the brain without stigma”.

They’ll have exciting articles on anxiety disorder to celebrate their lunch, these articles will provide information to those struggling with mental illness , help them care for their thoughts, emotions mind and soul. Health News HQ will be releasing new blog post weekly on everything mental illness, diagnosis, symptoms and treatments to educate people affected by mental illness and their families. It’ll be a holistic approach of sharing mental health information.

I hope the launch will raise awareness, provide information, resources and help eliminate Mental Health stigma. The celebration will be great unless of course google crashes and no search engine can reach our website hahaha….!

Health News HQ has always thrived on the idea that our cognitive, behavioral, and emotional wellbeing is as important as our physical health. This launch celebration is just one of the many ways Health News HQ achieves that goal.

Health News HQ’s We are releasing News blog post to help people struggling with mental illness, anxiety disorder, depression Alzheimers’ disease and more, The launch is set to ‘go live’ Friday February 14th. To find out more about Health News HQ visit

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