Health Insurance In Irving Facing Increasing Problem With Short-Term Plans

Rick Thornton, an Irving health insurance agent, says a potential problem with these short term health insurance plans is that Americans aren’t getting the coverage they think they are getting.

Health Insurance in Irving has been booming over the past year with help from the increasingly popular Affordable Care Act and presidential subsidies aimed at driving down the cost of health insurance for all. But an alternative known as short-term limited-duration insurance, otherwise known as “junk” plans, are becoming a problematic alternative for the ever-evolving U.S. healthcare system. “Junk Plans” offer short-term insurance coverage and are designed to fill gaps in coverage for some Americans. The problem is that they aren’t part of the ACA.

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According to Yahoo! Finance these plans were expanded up to 364 days under the previous administration and could be renewed for up to 36 months. Moreover, a report from Congress two years later found that the number of Junk Plan enrollees increased by 27%. Karen Pollitz, a senior fellow at the Kaiser Family Foundation, recently told Yahoo! Finance, “These would be policies that can medically underwrite, turn you down, charge you more based on your health status, or exclude coverage of your pre-existing condition,” said Pollitz, who was also referring to individuals and families with Irving health insurance. “These are policies that won’t necessarily cover essential health benefits. They may not cover prescriptions or maternity or mental health or more than two or three days in the hospital. They’re sold by insurance companies by and large.”

Rick Thornton, an Irving health insurance agent, added that for many of the people who are lured into signing up for Junk Plans, they end up paying more money than if they had signed up for coverage through the ACA or an employer-sponsored insurance plan. According to Yahoo! Finance, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society states over 25% of policies had “a deductible greater than the 2019 annual maximum limit for ACA-compliant policies of $7,900” established by HHS, while 60% had an out-of-pocket maximum greater than $7,900.

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