Health Insurance In Fort Worth Not Meant To Be ‘Medicare-For-All’ Like Some Want

Fort Worth health insurance plan is redesigned by two chief government officials who want a ‘Medicare-for-all’ model l with the man who says he helped create the Affordable Care Act.

Fort Worth Health Insurance as it stands under the current Affordable Care Act model is being dissected and debated heavily by two blue state Presidential candidates, both of whom want a government-controlled health care insurance plan moving forward. But Dr. Zeke Emanuel, the architect of the original Affordable Care Act, says what their plans amount to is an unrealistic ‘Medicare-for-all’ model that won’t be greeted well by the general public.

Emanuel’s vitriolic lambasting of these health care suggestions is the latest in a long line of back-and-forth debates over what should happen with the Affordable Care Act and healthcare as-a-whole-moving forward. The latest proposals are to eliminate private health insurance in Fort Worth and force all Americans into a government-run, single-payer system. Essentially, everyone would be under one healthcare plan, and the government would make all decisions for you when it comes to your care. That may seem too big brother for some, but the goal is to stabilize costs, stop medical bankruptcy, and end financial rationing. In theory, a single-payer system would eliminate unequal insurance plans and cut down on the number of Americans who have no insurance or insurance that is inadequate for their needs.

Emanuel said the model wouldn’t work in today’s society because you’d essentially be force feeding something on citizens who aren’t ready for something like that. Currently, if you don’t like what you’ve got in terms of health insurance, you have the option of going into Medicare or something else. Taking that discretion away could have a negative effect.

The odds on such a plan going through are pretty slim, says Rick Thornton, a Fort Worth Health Insurance Agent, especially since not all blue state lawmakers agree with such a bold tactic. But a single payer system continues to be a hot topic as we inch closer to election day.

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