Health Insurance In Arlington Benefits From Proposed Law To Protect Preexisting

Rick Thornton, a health insurance agent in Arlington, praised local government officials for their decision to stand up and fight for what’s right for health insurance in Arlington, Texas.

Arlington health insurance and the people with preexisting conditions who have it may have found the perfect ally in the ongoing legal battle surrounding the Affordable Care Act. Several state legislators proposed a law last week that would ban restricting enrollment in healthcare coverage based on preexisting conditions, which are ongoing medical issues that came before health insurance enrollment. If approved, the law would take effect only in the event of ensuring certain protections are in place if there is a significant ruling against ACA.

Despite all the issues with ACA, according to Rick Thornton, an Arlington health insurance agent, the health insurance in Arlington law was expected to be approved without any significant backlash at the regular legislative session on Jan. 15. State lawmakers confirmed there will be a well-defined setup structure and patient protection pool to ensure everything is approved smoothly.

The biggest reason for the new Arlington health insurance law is to protect those who need it most by offsetting what is largely considered a one-size-fits-all ACA system. The concern is that ACA treats everyone the same despite healthcare needs being drastically different from person to person. Another reason for the proposed law stems from the ruling two years ago when ACA’s individual mandate to buy a health plan or pay a fine was repealed. New lawsuits suggest that the statutory rump of the individual mandate that was left behind after the repeal is now unconstitutional. If nothing is done before a ruling is made, there could be hundreds to thousands of people who no longer qualify for health insurance.

According to state lawmakers, the proposal covers 10 categories of health services while also mitigating the risks faced by insurers with open enrollment and affiliation periods. There are several states involved in the lawsuit, including Arlington.

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