Health 1st of The Triad Announces Revolutionary New Neuropathy Treatment

Health 1st of the Triad releases information on how its new Take Home Neuropathy Treatment Program will change the way patients suffering from neuropathy will be treated in the future. Further information can be found at

Health 1st of the Triad announces the launch of Health 1st Take Home Neuropathy Program, its new Neuropathy Treatment Program. For anyone with even a passing interest in the world of Neuropathy Treatment, this launch will be worth paying attention to, as it’s set to revolutionize the treatment of neuropathy.

Currently, treatment for neuropathy is limited to using medication to mask the symptoms, but today Health 1st is able to utilize state of the art technology to repair damaged nerves allowing the body to heal and regain normal function. The Co-Founder and Clinic Director at Health 1st of the Triad, Dr. Clifton Mays, makes a point of saying “This treatment is giving us exciting results and treatment for neuropathy is going to change as we continue to see more patients utilizing our Health 1st Take Home Neuropathy Program”.

Dr. Clifton Mays continues… “Now where you see other doctors doing the same old treatments with medication and light/laser therapy, we will be giving your body the treatment it needs to repair the nerves damaged by neuropathy. We are excited about this new technology because we understand that most people have been relegated to taking medications that only cover the symptoms and still don’t help correct the underlying issues. Ultimately this is going to be a huge benefit to our patients and their families because this allows them to have the best treatment available without going to the doctors office and without the side effects of harmful medications.”

Health 1st of the Triad’s Neuropathy Program was established in November 2015. Health 1st has been doing business since 2001 and it has always aimed to help people live healthier without the use of drugs and surgery.

Currently, the closest thing to Health 1st’s Take Home Neuropathy Program are the machines costing hundreds of thousands of dollars – which requires the patient to go to the machine for treatment rather than enjoying treatment in the comfort of their own home, but Health 1st Take Home Neuropathy Program eliminates this by allowing the patient to receive more treatments in a shorter duration, allowing faster healing and better long term results. This alone is predicted to make Health 1st of the Triad’s Take Home Neuropathy Treatment Program an exciting alternative for patients suffering from neuropathy.

Once again, Health 1st Take Home Neuropathy Program is current available to all neuropathy sufferers and Health 1st doctors are able to perform evaluations to determine if this treatment could be the answer for neuropathy symptoms, in all clinic locations including Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem and Burlington. To find out more, the site to visit is

For further information about Health 1st of the Triad, this can be discovered at

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