Healing Pagoda Liquidates SnoreMD Inventory – Slashes Price by 62%

Healing Pagoda announced its inventory liquidation of the stop snoring mouthpiece SnoreMD. Current customers can find out more information at http://tilt.tc/14Ox.

In an ongoing effort to streamline and improve business, Healing Pagoda announced that it will be liquidating its inventory of the popular SnoreMD stop snoring mouthpiece distributed by Stop Snoring LLC as of 01-12-15. 

SnoreMD is for anyone who suffers from snoring that is a candidate to use a stop snoring mouthpiece.  The FDA has cleared it to cure snoring and help treat mild to moderate Seep Anea.  It has been clinically proven to improve the quality of sleep and help prevent hazardous health issues from developing.

This liquidation will provide those looking for a stop snoring solution a way to acquire it at a deep discount. However, the product is available in a very limited quantity and for a very limited time.

Those interested in more information about SnoreMD and the liquidation pricing can visit the following link: SnoreMD Liquidation Reservation.

When asked about the reasons behind the decision to end the sale of the SnoreMD product, Jeff Rafael, owner of Healing Pagoda said, 

“This stop snoring mouthpiece is great for people who need a stop snoring mouth-guard solution, however this product does not not fit within our company product line.  We sell detoxification products.  We have had very little interest expressed by our present customers.  This lack of interest has prompted this liquidation sale.”

Anyone who suffers from Snoring or mild to moderate Sleep Apnea, and is looking for more information about the SnoreMD mouthpiece as a solution, can visit the official website at www.snoremd.us.

For a very limited time a special website reservation platform has been set up to reserve one or more SnormMDs at the inventory liquidation price, which includes free shipping to the US lower 48 states.  

Specific information or to reserve a SnoreMD can be found by visiting the SnoreMD Liquidation Reservation Website Platform

Current customers who have specific questions may visit Healing Pagoda via their website www.healingpagoda.com

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