Healer Practitioner Get More Clients Mastermind Professional Workshop Launched

Bowen College has launched a 3-day workshop for healers and alternative health care providers that is packed with ideas and strategies designed to help grow a thriving and sustainable practice.

Bowen College, in Vancouver, British Columbia has launched a 3-day workshop for alternative health care providers that provides actionable ideas to market their business. Mastermind for Health Professionals is designed to help professionals gain clarity on the steps needed to empower them as they build their practices.

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This international school for dedicated health practitioners has launched this 3-day workshop, Mastermind for Health Professionals, to help colleagues across the world get new clients. The pandemic has caused many practitioners to lose patients. Bowen College wants to do its part to help all healers and health care practitioners survive this setback, and then thrive as individuals and in their practice.

Mastermind for Health Professionals helps practitioners grow their abundance, so they can give more to clients. It teaches the practitioners to gain a crystal clear strategy that’s both simple and effective. Branding is taught in the lessons in a way the gains and keeps people’s trust in the practitioner’s services.

The course also teaches practitioners to develop a large tribe, become more visible, and mindfully gain a larger network and client base. The 3-day workshop shows the professional health care specialist that a brand must be based on one’s unique strengths and talents.

Mastermind for Health Professionals is designed to create actionable solutions and turn ideas into reality that have a lasting impact and legacy as health practitioners serve their community.

The workshop is open to all healthcare practitioners looking to expand their practices. It’s for people who want to grow their business, so they can serve more people.

The workshop includes teaching the concept of “wide-awake marketing” that helps attract ideal clients in an open honest way. By gaining clarity on true value, and connecting with the audience from a place of authenticity, Mastermind for Health Professionals helps practitioners build a following of people who trust and love them.

Health practitioners learn how to attract new clients and retain existing clients. After participating in Mastermind for Health Professionals, practitioners grow their business with ease and are able to focus on serving people with their gifts. Christopher English, a recent student commented, “Very empowering program and excellent teachers!”

The launch of Mastermind for Health Professionals is for practitioners that want to build a thriving practice so they can make a difference and build a sustainable livelihood.

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