Headlamp Adaptors Keep Dazzle Off Europe’s Roads

Eurolites are an essential headlamp adaptor required, by law, on almost all vehicles to ensure that motorists are not illegally dazzled while driving and avoid the possibility of receiving an 'on the spot' fine.

As UK drivers take to the roads of Europe in their thousands for their Summer holidays, it is a reminder to focus on the dazzle that is caused by right-hand drive vehicles when they are driven on the opposite side of the road in Europe. All UK vehicles feature headlamps which have the beam ‘offset’ to the left to prevent dazzle to oncoming traffic when driving in the UK. The testing and Legal positioning of this ‘offset’ is part of the UK MOT Regulations, and indeed, it is the same for European vehicles, albeit that the ‘offset’ is obviously to the right.

Unfortunately, when driving abroad, this beam offset shines directly into the eyes of oncoming drivers, thereby causing dazzle. This is dangerous, illegal, and could even invalidate a driver’s insurance in the event of an accident, as it could be claimed that the driver’s vehicle is ‘unfit for use’ in the eyes of the law. Whilst this has always been a problem when driving on the opposite side of the road, it has been amplified in recent years with the advent of the high-intensity discharge (HID) or Xenon Headlamp units. These create a much more intense white light which can cause temporary blinding to oncoming drivers and potentially long-term eye damage.

The simple answer to this important safety issue is to make sure headlamps are ‘adapted’ for Europe when driving abroad. Specialist ‘Eurolites’ – Headlamp convertor Kits’ are available from all leading retailers and the ferry operators crossing the channel, so drivers have no excuse for not making sure they are Safe and Legal, and helping to prevent potentially fatal accidents.

Eurolites are widely available in the UK both online and in-store, they can be found on all major channel-cross providers as well as petrol stations and motor services.


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