Head to Heart Restoration Ministry Now Offers a School of Pastoral Counseling

Round Rock, TX, Dr. Al Jones, director of Head to Heart Restoration Ministry, is pleased to announce that they are now able provide additional education through their School of Pastoral Counseling. This is a distance learning program that allows students to complete training from home.

Has God called you to the ministry of Christian counseling? If you have a desire to help hurting people find healing and hope through Jesus Christ, Head to Heart School of Pastoral Counseling may be the program that God is leading you to. Head to Heart School of Pastoral Counseling is a division of Head to Heart Restoration Ministry.

Head to Heart School of Pastoral Counseling is a Certified Academic Institution of the National Christian Counselors Association. The NCCA is one of the largest Christian Counseling Associations in the United States. Over 4000 people have become licensed as Christian or Pastoral Counselors since its foundation in 1981.

The distance learning program that Head to Heart School of Pastoral Counseling offers will allow students to complete the training from home. This format is perfect for the person that has significant responsibilities to uphold or cannot stop their current career to attend school.

As part of the program, students will complete supervised practicum work that increases their knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively counsel and minister to others. Students are also provided with individualized coaching and mentoring. This coaching and mentoring program is regulated by the National Board of Christian Clinical Therapists (NBCCT) to ensure that the education provided is of the highest quality and meets all training standards and needs.

As a Certified Academic Institution, Head to Heart School of Pastoral Counseling utilizes a biblically-based educational and training model for Christian counseling. For more information visit the website www.headtoheart.org/counselor-training/

In addition to providing education through the school, Head to Heart Restoration Ministry also provides faith based counseling for individuals, couples and families. Counseling services are available by telephone, Skype and in person. Plus, counseling is available in English and Spanish.

Individuals work with one of the Head to Heart counselors to resolve issues, achieve peace and develop plans, strategies, and goals to help them move forward and be able to achieve their full potential.

Head to Heart Restoration Ministry is dedicated to serving the community with mercy and compassion, bringing comfort and strength to those who have been overwhelmed by the cares of this world. Head to Heart Restoration Ministry believes that emotionally healthy people live happier lives, experience less stress, and make better citizens.

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