HCG Diet Weight Loss Clinic in Kansas City, Missouri Serves Record Number Of Patients

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Pierce Medical Clinic operates in Overland Park, KS but serves all residents in Kansas city, Missouri as well as other neighboring states. They offer FREE consultation to discuss all options on weight loss by calling (913) 214-1154.

Morris Coltrain, of Pierce Medical Clinic in Overland Park, Kansas, is pleased to announce record growth in client numbers and great success for those who have signed up with HCG diet program. According to Morris, the rapid rise in client numbers shows that the diet is very successful. He stated that the clinic already has other successful diet programs and this latest addition was so that they can offer clients a wide range of weight loss solution. 

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The HCG diet has been around for nearly 50 years and has helped thousands lose weight. It works when combined with a very low calorie diet. In both men and women, it increases certain hormone levels, including testosterone, which in turn elevates metabolism. The HCG diet is effective in getting rid of fat around the stomach area, in the hips and buttocks and also on the arms.

Morris was interviewed about the very low calorie diet and how it works. He stated that clients have the choice between eating real food, taking special protein shakes or combining the two. He also said that they recommend that clients eat 500 calories as well as between 85 and 100 grams of protein every day. The energy deficit is filled by the fat that the body is burning. Their program lasts 40 days and is supervised by a physician throughout. They have seen clients lose as much as 1 pound a day. 

Morris explained that after 40 days, they spend 3 weeks with their clients to teach them how they should raise their caloric intake slowly. Without this, they may binge and they will gain all the weight they lost and maybe even more. The lessons are important as they teach clients how to maintain the right caloric intake so that they can remain healthy in the future.

Research was done to find out how effective the HCG diet is. It has been found that many people who have used it have successfully lost weight. Also, unlike other diets that may have side effects such as headaches, this one is completely safe. A client who was treated at Pierce Medical Clinic 3 years ago said that she is very happy. She lost weight and it wasn’t as complicated as she thought it would be. She’s still healthy. She said that she would recommend Pierce Medical to anyone who is overweight. They are also very affordable.

Pierce Medical Clinic is available for a FREE Consultation by calling (913) 214-1154. 

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