HB 2 Pencils for Students Hits Amazon and other online retailers

Colore Art announced the continued availability of their HB 2 Pencils "Colore HB 2 Pencils with Eraser (144-Piece)" available at Amazon and other online retailers. More information can be found at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B019FWWJCU.

Customers looking for an exceptional HB 2 Pencils are now able to purchase Colore HB 2 Pencils with Eraser (144-Piece) by Colore Art. Angela Middleton, Marketing Manager at Colore Art has just released more in depth details of Colore HB 2 Pencils with Eraser (144-Piece)’s development.

Colore HB 2 Pencils with Eraser (144-Piece) is designed to appeal specifically to Students and includes:

Bulk Supply – This was made part of the product, since this set comes in a box of 12 packs of HB / #2 Unsharpened Pencils. Each pack contains 12 Number 2 Yellow Pencils. Customers who buy Colore HB 2 Pencils with Eraser (144-Piece) should enjoy this particular feature because Great art school supplies for the kids with these 144 count of writing pencils, great for home schooling for stay at home moms, math classes, office use, ideal for general use in idea development, sketching, drawing and lots more.

Excellent Quality – Colore Art made sure to make this part of the HB 2 Pencils’s development as Made from high quality real poplar wood and 100% genuine graphite pencil core. These No 2 pencils come with 100% Non-Toxic latex free pink top erasers. Customers will likely appreciate this because All Pencils are uniquely designed and manufactured for art enthusiasts, as well as aspiring and professional artists. The black lead pencil core makes the writing looks nice and sharp.

Perfect Gifts – This feature was included because Makes a wonderful present on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Birthday and Graduation for the teens, preschool or high school teachers.. This is great news for the consumer as Any kids that love to draw and sketch would dream having these in their back to school supplies and craft collection. College students or adults that are in the education field loves the convenience of the eraser tops. These lightweight and durable No. 2 pencils kit will also keep the toddlers busy doodling around on their sketchbooks.

Angela Middleton, when asked about Colore HB 2 Pencils with Eraser (144-Piece) said:

“Are you looking for a large collection of high quality pencils that is affordable and reliable? Then buy this MEGA PACK of 144 Yellow Pencils with Eraser tops from COLORE today!”

This is Colore Art’s seventeenth release of a product and Angela Middleton is particularly excited about this product because this MEGA Pack of conventional Yellow pencils with Latex free eraser tops are a perfect choice for back to school or office supplies.

Those interested in learning more about the business can do so on the business website at https://www.coloreart.com

Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the product listing, here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B019FWWJCU

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