Hayman Enterprises Launches Consulting Firm for Food and Entertainment Industry

Hayman Enterprises is a consultant firm focusing on launching new and expanding existing businesses in the hospitality industry. Based out of Greater Philadelphia, Hayman's Enterprise's vision is to bring a fresh and cutting-edge approach to hospitality and entertainment management through technology and innovation for growth.

Hayman Enterprises premiere consultant firm focusing on launching new businesses and expanding existing businesses in the food and entertainment industry.

Start-up premium consultancy firm, Hayman Enterprises, has announced the launch of its formal operations to help establish new businesses in the hot and happening hospitality and entertainment space. The new firm will bring the taste of success to both new and established ventures with its vision of using today’s technology and innovations for growth and expansion.

Hayman Enterprises, based out of Greater Philadelphia, carries its founder Harry Hayman’s acumen and experience of offering fresh and authentic solutions in the fields of hospitality management, risk and loss prevention, marketing promotions, and brand activation. Harry Hayman is a well known name in the hospitality and entertainment industry, having spent over 25 years in marketing, management and promotions for popular venues and events.

Both hospitality and entertainment have seen major upheavals in the past decade with the entry of new players and technologies and platforms such as social media. Given the unique preferences of the Millennial generation, consultants are thus in demand for their time-honed insights and objective perspectives. In particular, they bring in their time and problem solving skills to make businesses succeed in the new sharing economy where personalized experiences, digital marketing tactics and cost effectiveness have become a necessity.

Harry Hayman is a hospitality management specialist with the Bynum Group, holding expertise in virtually every aspect of hospitality services, including leading the management team of three restaurants in areas such as dining and customer service, risk management, sales and promotions. Apart from being a manager and partner of several restaurants, he is a startup entrepreneur, and an angel investor and on the board of directors for Stand With Iraqi Christians (SWIC). His other prestigious roles include advisory board member for the Food Connect Group, a food donation and distribution non-profit concern, and executive director for the Philadelphia Jazz Festival.

“We are excited to bring a fresh and cutting edge approach to the hospitality and entertainment management space. Our firm knows the importance of innovation when it comes to management and business growth in this tech-based age,” said Harry Hayman, Founder, Hayman Enterprises.

As a firm believer in the power of new ideas to change the future, Harry has consulted for live music events and a niche portfolio of hospitality services, including Brave New World, Insomnia Productions, Zanzibar Blue, McFadden’s, Beyond, South, Paris Bistro, and more.

For more information on Hayman Enterprises visit http://www.HaymanEnterprises.com

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