Hawaii real estate investor moves to San Diego to start a billion-dollar fund

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Hawaii-based real estate investor moves his family and team to San Diego to start a billion-dollar real estate fund.

Victor Bell, founder and CEO of Bell Capital, is a real estate investor with 20-plus years of experience. Having transacted over 57 million dollars in real estate tractions across 7-states, Victor says he’s finally found a home here in San Diego.

When asked why did he choose San Diego? Mr. Bell said, “after 17 years living in Hawaii, it was time to move and scale my real estate company. We’ve been very successful, but my team and I are super excited about our next goal of building a billion-dollar real estate portfolio in San Diego. Plus, with San Diego’s quality of life and weather, my family is happy as well.”

Mr. Bell is right to love San Diego because we’ve seen a recent real estate boom like much of the country. Commercial experts like Marcus and Millichap, CBRE, and JJL continue to rank San Diego as one of the top housing markets in the US.

Mr. Bell said, “look, there is plenty to be excited about. Employment is up, GDP per capita is up, the rental market has always been strong. Plus, the fed has kept long-term mortgage rates low.”

“And I also believe finding nice affordable places to rent will continue to be a driving force over the next 20+ years. The US will become a renter nation. With that in mind, we are here for the long term. We are looking to add 4,000 units to our portfolio, totaling over a billion dollars AUM. Our investments will provide housing to thousands of San Diego families and employ hundreds here in the local economy.”

“I’ve been through 3 major real estate cycles, so I have plenty of experience picking the right assets, mitigating risks, building the right team, and providing long-term returns to our investors.”

As of the writing of this article, The Bell Capital launched a Real Estate Fund for Accredited Investors. Victor and his team are busy scouting San Diego property, putting in offers, and raising capital.

When asked what assets he would focus on, Mr. Bell said, “Bell Capital will focus on Institutional-quality apartment communities in San Diego county. In my experience, income-producing, institutional quality assets in irreplaceable locations have been a solid investment vehicle regardless of market conditions.”

“Within our portfolio, we focus on specific market and real estate indicators to fit our investment strategy. And as the new kid on the block, I can see what local investors just can’t see anymore.”

“So we are finding great deals in our sweet spot for apartment communities between 80 to 200 units. Accredited investors invest in deals like these — dependable and stable returns backed by irreplaceable real estate in trophy locations.”

For more info, visit https://bell-capital.com

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