Hawaii Electricity Cost Can Be Lowered With Launch of Energy Saving Powerstar

Powerstar is an engineered electrical energy saving solution for commercial buildings that works to reduce energy consumption, lower electricity bills and reduce a company’s impact on the environment. Powerstar installations include Palace of Westminster, London City Hall, House of Keys and Western Parliament Australia.

Riviera Beach, FL., June. 30, 2015 – Powerstar (ISS) today announced the launch of Powerstar Voltage Optimization and Powerstar Virtue a revolutionary new storage system in Hawaii. Powerstar has expanded their global portfolio based on the recently opened United States based Intelligent Sustainable Solutions (ISS).

Sean O’Reilly, Managing Director of Intelligent Sustainable Solutions (ISS), ” We are very excited to announce our focus on Hawaii, having the highest electricity cost in the US, we believe focusing on the reduction of energy cost and CO2 emissions substantially will not only be a great opportunity for Hawaii Businesses but also the sustainability goals set by the State of Hawaii. By also capitalizing on HECO’s policy to reduce energy consumption with the implementation of energy efficiency measures, by 2030. The reaction from customers when they are presented with the potential savings they can achieve is extremely positive”.

Powerstar voltage optimization systems are the only systems in the world to be granted a global patent on their design. Powerstar boasts 100% reliability with no recorded failures across 6,500 installations globally, offering a secure, proven and reliable solution for businesses in Hawaii to reduce energy cost and CO2 emissions.

High Level Benefits as Follows: Average kWh reduction between 8-12% 100% projected savings guarantee Improves power quality (will reduce specific harmonics and transient events up to 25,000 volts) Average payback 2-3 years (dependent on transformer loads and kWh cost) 10 year warranty includes parts and labor

Powerstar can also qualify for rebates depending on the specific utility program available in your area. The M&V (Measurement & Verification) methodology to quantify savings when utilizing Powerstar technology has been approved by Navigant, major USA Utility 3rd party verification organization, the standard M&V followed is IPMVP. If you would like more information about Powerstar (ISS) please contact Sean O’Reilly at 1-800-909-4723.

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