Hawaii-Based Instagram Influencer As The Best Instagram Accounts of 2017

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Hawaii-Based Instagram Influencer As The Best And Top Instagram Accounts of 2017

From Maui, Hawaii, Shane Perry is a photographer known for his love for traveling, nature, especially the ocean, and adventure, his biggest fan base can be found on Instagram where he shares all his work with more than twenty-four thousand followers. Shane’s unique style of photography and passion for traveling has made his Instagram account one of the Best Instagram accounts of the league.

His distinctive and adventurous style of capturing the waves and natural beauty of Hawaii has been the biggest source of drawing fans, followers and photography aficionados earning him a spot amongst the top professional photographers on Instagram. Most of the photos that he posts usually receive of over 2000 likes and countless comments. Shane likes to pair his stunning photographs with witty and humorous captions and never fail to draw a like or a comment from his most loyal followers.

Shane said: “I like to shoot lifestyle photography which involves, hiking, tropical waterfalls, sunsets & most importantly the ocean.”

Most recently Shane has been sharing photographs on Instagram of the stunning views Maui. Shane is from Maui, Hawaii, a place that is known for its nature, ocean and stunning sunsets and he appreciates all these elements and believe that life in Hawaii is unique and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. He has combined the love for his surroundings and photography to depict this idea he has used photography as a medium to show the world the exceptional beauty of Hawaii.

Through his travels and his photographs he wants to remind people of how distinctively beautiful different parts of the world really are, he wants his followers to see the world through his lens and be able to appreciate earth’s beauty.

Shane added: “Film and photography has changed for me over the last few years and I want my passion to be shared worldwide and Instagram have allowed me to accomplish that. Through traveling, I have been able to experience nature, different cultures and stunning views you won’t get anywhere else in the world. This has sparked something unique about the quality of pictures I want to take.”

About Shane’s Best Photography: Shane Perry is an upcoming photographer in Hawaii who’s pushing the limits with ocean and land photography. Many people around the world, including professional photographers have come to his Instagram page checking out all the amazing shots he got over the last few years.

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