Having Flight Instructor Insurance May Prevent A Huge Legal Liability Headache

Certified Flight Instructors Are Finding Out the Hard Way that Aircraft Owners Insurance Policies Leave Them Liable

Corona, CA Release January 28, 2021.

Certified Flight Instructors have an enormous responsibility to ensure the next generation of pilots own the skills required to keep the skies safe. BWI Aviation Insurance owner Matt White pleads with CFIs to understand their legal liability and that an aircraft owner’s policy may leave them out in the cold. Purchasing a Flight Instructor Insurance policy, also called a CFI non-owned insurance policy will help mitigate the increased risk of instructing in aircraft that you don’t own.

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The current generation of pilots navigating the skies over America can trace their lineage back to the prior generation and that generation can trace it back to the one prior to that. For the most part, the ability to fly comes from a hand off of knowledge from one pilot to the other. In the civilian aviation market, Certified Flight Instructors or CFIs fulfill that honored role.

However, that responsibility does not come without great liability. BWI Aviation Insurance owner Matt White is spreading the word about that liability and how some CFIs can find themselves unexpectedly on the hook. “In many cases, the CFI is offering the instruction in a plane not personally owned and as such, far too many assume that the owner’s aviation insurance policy has them covered,” said White.

White went on to clarify that owner’s policies are written to specifically protect the owner and not necessarily the pilot. Many pilots purchase what is known as aviation renters insurance or non owned aircraft policies. However, those policies do not cover commercial use of an aircraft and as such, many CFIs are unaware that they are not properly covered.

“CFIs play a vital role in the aviation industry and they do not deserve to have the full burden of legal liability to unknowingly fall on their shoulders,” added White. White pointed out that one of the most substantial benefits of a CFI non owners policyis that it provides for the cost of the legal defense in the event of litigation. With the average cost to litigate such a case reaching $25,000 or higher, that benefit of a policy far outweighs the cost.

White encourages all CFIs to reach out to an aviation insurance broker and make sure they have the proper coverage. “Assumption of coverage is what gets many pilots in trouble,” said White, “and unless you have heard from your broker that you are covered, it is unwise to assume so.” As one generation of pilots continues to train the next, CFIs will continue to play an integral role in keeping the skies above America safe. With a proper CFI non owned aircraft policy in place, the CFI can keep their livelihoods safe as well. =

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