Havasu Falls Fine Art Grand Canyon Photography – Luster Paper Print Launch

Carmel, Indiana-based Wyant Fine Art Photography has launched a new limited-edition print to its collection of natural and canyon-based scenes.

The award-winning studio’s latest print was taken at Havasu Falls, Arizona, and provides an ideal wall-hanging for those considering redecoration of a home or office space.

More details can be found at: https://bit.ly/3jzwfop

Available in a range of materials and sizes, the new fine-art print adds to the studio’s already considerable collection of prints that include landscape, canyons, water, wildlife, Europe, and images in and around Carmel, Indiana, itself.

Havasu Falls, previously known as Bridal Veil Falls, is one of the multiple waterfalls on Havasu Creek in the Grand Canyon, Arizona. Lying within the Havasupai Indian reservation, the falls are known for the striking blue-green color caused by high levels of calcium carbonate within the water.

Master photographer Jim Wyant took the image during his second trip to the landmark. Owing to the difficult hike in, he had decided to carry smaller cameras on his first visit, but this proved to be a mistake. Jim returned more recently with a panoramic film camera to capture the full beauty of the scene, which resulted in this limited-edition release.

The image itself does not focus on the primary waterfall, the lower portion of which can be seen in the top, right-hand corner. Instead, a series of deep blue-green pools and minor falls are portrayed, which are framed by green foliage and rugged orange cliffs.

Jim comments specifically on the tranquil and peaceful nature of the scene, saying that his wife called it “a little piece of heaven.” The colors, in particular, are vibrant, with the blues and greens well offset by their orange surroundings.

Wyant Fine Art Photography is only making 50 copies of the image available for purchase. Prints will be supplied ready-to-hang, and clients are able to choose from either acrylic or luster paper finishes, with 30 x 10 inch and 60 x 20-inch sizes available.

A company representative stated: “This is my all-time favorite image, we have an 8-foot hanging in our own home. It is so amazing, the depth just feels like you could actually walk into the picture. Often we are asked if the image is backlit because the detail is so amazing.”

Interested parties can hear Jim Wyant describing the image by visiting: https://youtu.be/O1VRtp5ucnU

Release ID: 89041412