Hattiesburg MS Tree Removal/Stump Grinding – Storm Land Clearing Service Expands

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Geddie Tree & Land Services (601-498-8269/1325), the area’s premier tree land clearing company, has expanded its tree removal services to include more outlying towns and cities, in response to customer demand.

The family-owned and operated tree clean-up company, based in Hattiesburg, now offers its tree removal services to homeowners and businesses in Collins, Bellevue, Ellisville, Laurel, and Purvis.

More information can be found at https://geddietreeandland.com

The company’s recent expansion is a consequence of both the company’s growing reputation and the increased storm damage in the region, which can leave trees dangerously close to residences and commercial sites. Disease-ridden trees can also present a hazard, and Geddie Tree & Land Services employs a full-time, accredited arborist on staff to consult on insect spraying and approve tree removal.

The U.S. is the tornado capital of the world, and Mississippi is routinely one of the most impacted regions. Storm damage has a knock-on effect: stressed or damaged trees become more susceptible to diseases and tree-killing insects. While most trees can recover, there may be damage invisible to the naked or untrained eye. This can present a significant threat to nearby structures, particularly when the next storm strikes.

By employing state-of-the-art equipment, the Geddie Tree & Land Services can remove large, dangerous, or hazardous trees from almost any location with minimal damage to the area around the tree. Additionally, the firm offers stump grinding services for stumps of all sizes, as well as bulldozer services.

A tree can also sometimes be an eyesore, block a view, or get in the way of a new construction project. Whatever the reason, Geddie Tree & Land Services can help individuals, families, and businesses to quickly, safely, and affordably remove trees and stumps from their properties.

Geddie Tree & Land Services’ aim is to promptly and efficiently satisfy the needs of homeowners and business owners, with a focus on a very fair, competitive pricing system. Their ground crews, tree climbers, and equipment operators are among the best in the region. The company’s fleet of bucket trucks, forestry chip bed trucks/chippers, skid-steer loaders, and debris removal equipment ensures that the customer’s project will be completed in the most cost-effective manner possible.

One customer commented: “If you need work done, this is the best company to hire. They not only get it done fast but they are an awesome crew and very professional. That’s hard to find these days.”

More details can be found at https://geddietreeandland.com/tree-services/tree-removal

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